GWSB Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

The Office of Undergraduate Programs is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities to undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Business. We encourage students with varied interests, backgrounds, and concentrations to apply.

Scholarship applications are open each Fall semester and winners are announced in early Spring semester. Applicants are required to submit a personal statement, resume, short bio, and two recommendation letters with their application.  Descriptions of the scholarships traditionally offered to GWSB students are listed below.

All questions can be directed to the GWSB Advising Center

Scholarship Application Process: 

Required materials (PDF only):

  • Personal Statement: Your personal statement should provide a holistic overview of your goals and qualifications. Consider the following questions: how have your personal and co-curricular backgrounds (both in school and outside of school, e.g., internships, jobs) influenced your academic interests and goals? How will your education and experience (both in and out of the classroom or abroad) prepare you for your future career as a business leader? Why should you be selected as a finalist for this scholarship? Students applying for The Gene R. Cohen Entrepreneurial Scholarship should specifically address their interest, involvement, and goals in the area of entrepreneurship.

  • Resume: Maximum 1 page, in GWSB format.

  • Two Recommendation Letters: At least one must be from a GWSB Faculty member; the other can be from a non-GWSB Faculty Member or an internship/job supervisor. 

  • Short Bio: This item may be used in print publications and awards ceremonies. Be sure to include information about your degree, major/concentration, minor, hometown, co-curricular involvement, internships, and future career plans. The short bio should be 300 words or less. Note: if you are selected, a headshot will be required for our annual report.

Application guidelines, process, and timeline:

  • Guidelines: Applicants may apply for all scholarships for which they are eligible; however, only one of these scholarships may be awarded to an applicant in an academic year. Please indicate on the application form all scholarships for which you are applying. Only one complete set of forms is needed, regardless of the number of scholarships checked.  

  • Process: Scholarships will be awarded based on a combination of factors, including academic excellence, financial need, personal objectives and goals, potential, and recommendations. Applications will be evaluated by a committee convened by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in the School of Business.

  • Timeline: The deadline for online submission of the application, personal statement, resume, and two recommendation letters was Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 11:59pm EST. 

Any questions about the application process should be directed to Andrew Robinson ([email protected]).  

Scholarships Available: 

The Gene R. Cohen Entrepreneurial Scholarship

This scholarship provides a monetary award to a student pursuing a career in the field of entrepreneurship. This is open to any full-time junior or senior within GWSB with U.S. citizenship and a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship.

The David S. Cohen Scholarship in Business

This scholarship provides a monetary award to a full-time undergraduate student in the School of Business. This scholarship is open to any full-time undergraduate student within GWSB.

The Polden Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

This scholarship provides a monetary award to a full-time undergraduate student in the School of Business. Any full-time undergraduate student within GWSB may apply for this scholarship.