Information Systems & Technology Management Research

Recent Research Publications

Elias G. Carayannis

Subhasish Dasgupta

William E. Halal

  • “Business Collaboration Could Transform the Economy,” Christian Science Monitor (August 6, 2009).
  • “The Collaborative Enterprise: A Stakeholder Model Uniting Profitability and Responsibility,” 2012, Corporate Citizen, 1:2.
  • Technology’s Promise: Expert Knowledge on the Transformation of Business & Society, 2008, 
Palgrave Macmillan.

Yi-Chun (Chad) Ho

  • Ho, Yi-Chun (Chad), J. Wu and Y. Tan (2017). Disconfirmation Effect on Online Rating Behavior: A Structural Model. Information Systems Research, 28(3), pp. 626-642 (ABS4*, FT50, UTD24). Available on SSRNISR.
  • Ho, Yi-Chun (Chad), I. Ho and Y. Tan (2017). Online Cash-back Shopping: Implications for Consumers and e-Businesses. Information Systems Research, 28(2), pp. 250–264 (ABS4*, FT50, UTD24). Available on SSRNISR.
  • Yang, Jiang, Y. Ho, X. Yan and Y. Tan. Investor’s Platform Choice: Herding, Platform Attributes and Regulations. Journal of Management Information Systems, forthcoming (ABS4, FT50). Available on SSRN.

Yixin Lu

  • Lu, Y., Gupta, A., Ketter, W. and van Heck, E., 2016. Exploring Bidder Heterogeneity in Multichannel Sequential B2B Auctions. MIS Quarterly40(3), pp.645-662.

YoungKi Park

  • YoungKi Park, Omar A. El Sawy, & Peer C. Fiss. 2017. “The Role of Business Intelligence, Communication Technologies in Organizational Agility: A Configurational Approach,” Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Vol.18(9), pp. 648-686. 
  • YoungKi Park & Omar A. El Sawy. 2013. The Value of Configurational Approaches for Studying Digital Business Strategy, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Vol. 38, pp. 205-224. 
  • Omar A. El Sawy, Arvind Malhotra, YoungKi Park & Paul A. Pavlou. 2010. “Seeking the Configurations of Digital Ecodynamics: It Takes Three to Tango,” Information Systems Research, Vol. 21(4), pp. 835-848.

Zhen Sun

  • Zhen Sun, Milind Dawande, Ganesh Janakiraman, and Vijay Mookerjee (2017), "Not Just a Fad: Optimal Sequencing in Mobile In-App Advertising,"