About Us

At GWSB, Business Goes Global

Global and Experiential Education (G&EE) is the nexus for international opportunities and initiatives in the GW School of Business (GWSB) and supports global business education through a broad portfolio of global study programs, experiential education courses and international student services.

Our team facilitates approximately 20 graduate elective overseas short courses and manages 20 semester-based bilateral exchanges per annum. These programs are comprehensively and independently run within GWSB and present unique opportunities for students to add a global perspective to their GW degree.

Our Mission

G&EE supports four primary areas: international student services, overseas study, experiential education programs (domestic and international), and advocacy and collaboration related to global and experiential initiatives. The department serves as a locus for collaboration and connectivity within GWSB, across the campus, and around the world.

The broad scope of G&EE’s activity reflects a commitment on behalf of GWSB to not only make good on our institutional aim of preparing managers for the global workforce but also to do so in a manner that is collaborative and integrated across student populations, sectors of business and society, and academic disciplines.

The programs and activities sponsored through G&EE serve students at all levels of study in the School of Business: undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D.  The team supports and connects faculty to innovative pedagogy and global perspectives to assist in dynamic teaching, research, and service to the school and their field of expertise.