Professional Certificate in Cultural Heritage Tourism

Cultural Heritage

Increasingly, travelers are interested in authentic experiences that will allow them to witness firsthand the lives and traditions of indigenous people. And for these communities, which are often marginalized and struggling to find alternative ways to increase their livelihoods, tourism can provide an economic incentive to sustainably maintain their cultural and natural resources while fostering a sense of cultural pride. 

Our program is designed to provide tourism entrepreneurs and community leaders with the tools to identify and develop the assets that would most appeal to tourists—from cooking and crafts workshops to nature walks to historical sites.

The Professional Certificate in Cultural Tourism is designed to be a self-managed process that allows participants to learn the content and complete the requirements at their own pace.

What Can You Expect to Gain from the Program?

  • Develop an understanding of trends in cultural heritage and native tourism;
  • Learn best options and approaches  for managing tourism at the community level;
  • An understanding of how to conduct a comprehensive tourism assessment and evaluate the potential of cultural heritage tourism for your community;
  • The tools needed to introduce cultural heritage tourism to your community and to plan for its adoption and growth.

Is the Program Right for You? Event management is an ideal program if you are:

  • Involved in tourism, including tribal hospitality and gaming;
  • Responsible for economic and cultural development, including planning or tribal heritage preservation for your community;
  • Thinking about starting a native-owned tourism enterprise;
  • Working within the tourism field and interested in learning more about cultural heritage tourism specifically;
  • Working in the tourism sector and specifically charged with interacting with native tourism stakeholders, including hotels, casinos and cultural centers, for example.

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