Degree Requirements

Undergraduate Degree Options (Students enrolling in GWSB Fall 2020 and forward) 

The deadline for current GWSB students to switch to the new degree was Monday, June 15 2020, there are no exceptions to this deadline. 

If you were unable to attend one of the Associate Dean Town Halls discussing the new curriculum enhancements, please review these slides to learn more about the new curriculum, important policies, and deadlines. 

Bachelor of Science Degree 

Effective Fall 2020, all new students enrolling in the School of Business will have the Bachelor of Science as their degree. They must declare one of the majors below and may declare up to three of the concentrations below: 

GWSB students must declare one of the following majors for their Bachelor of Science Degree:

Concentrations are restricted to GWSB students only and students may declare up to three concentrations. If a GWSB student's primary major is Business, they must declare at least one concentration. All other majors may declare a concentration in addition to their major requirements. 

 The 4+1 Program 

GWSB students have the opportunity to apply for a 4+1 Program, which may allow them to complete their undergraduate and graduate degree within five years. Click here to learn more about this unique opportunity. 

Undergraduate Degree Requirements (Students who enrolled GWSB Fall 2014 - Summer 2020)  

Students who enrolled in the School of Bussines between Fall 2014 and Summer 2020 have the option to declare the Bachelor of Accountancy (BAccy), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), or the Bachelor of Science with a Finance Major (BSF).

Required for all three degrees: 

  • UW 1020 - University Writing 
  • Two Writing in the Disciplines (WID) courses, after successful completion of UW 1020 
  • General Education Requirements
  • 4-Year Plans (downloadable Excel document) 
  • Academic Forms (Minor Declaration, Second Major Declaration, etc.) 
  • AP Equivalents
  • IB Equivalents
  • A-Level Credit: Students can earn credit for A-Level courses in which they earn a C or better. The courses will transfer into GW as a 1099 course. For example A-Level Math where a student earns a C or better will transfer in as MATH 1099.
    A-Level Credit will only count as an elective, there will be no exceptions to this.
  • Minor or Second Major Options (enrollment in minor or second major is contingent upon department approval)
  • Review GW’s Center for Career Services’ Career Option Sheets to become familiar with how your minor or second major option relates to sample occupations, potential topics, work settings, student organizations, professional associations, online resources and key skills needed in specific industries.

Options for Non-GWSB Students 

Students enrolled in CCAS, ESIA, MSPH, or SEAS should speak with their home school advisor to declare any of the second majors or minors below, as all Non-GWSB are approved to declare these fields of study. 

Students may speak with a GWSB advisor if they have any questions on the curriculum requirements.  

Non-GWSB students are ineligible to declare any of the School of Business concentrations listed above and no exceptions will be made.  

Non-GWSB students may declare any of the following as a second major: 

Students should review the GW Bulletin for any prerequisites that may exist for the courses required in each of these majors.