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All forms found on this page that are completed may be uploaded to the Submit Here button below. Submitting your document does not guarantee approval. Submitting forms online is restricted to School of Business Students only.

If the form requires any department or faculty signature for approval, you must first obtain the approval from the appropriate department or faculty contact and then may submit the form.  


Due to an influx in academic forms received, the Office of Undergraduate Programs is looking at a minimum of ten business days to process student forms. We ask for your patience in this process and an advisor will follow up with you once your form has been processed. 

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The Washington Area Consortium of Universities is a cooperative arrangement in post-secondary education that is designed to permit the sharing of academic resources by member institutions and to offer qualified students the opportunity to enroll at other institutions for courses not available on their own campus.

All Consortium details and registration information (including required forms) can be found on the Registrar's Consortium Website.

Students that wish to declare an Individualized Field of Study must complete the following application, please pay special attention to the year in which you entered GWSB. 

Application for students who entered GWSB between Fall 2014 and Summer 2020

Application for students who entered GWSB Fall 2020 and forward 

  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT): CPT is permission to engage in off-campus employment or internship related to your degree program. International Students requesting CPT must obtain a CPT letter from their advisor before submitting the request in ISO Gateway. Complete the following steps to request a CPT letter from the Advising Center.
    • Fill out a zero credit internship experience packet found in the Internship & Independent Study tab below. 
    • Submit the packet along with a proposal letter and an offer letter (on letterhead) from your employer.
    • An advisor will prepare a CPT letter within one business week, which you can then include in your CPT request in ISO Gateway.
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT): OPT is temporary employment for practical training directly related to the student's major area of study (post-graduation). The following steps are required to request OPT certification:

    • Submit an OPT request in ISO Gateway (input the email of the advisor you have been working with for your OPT. If you were not working with a specific advisor, use [email protected]).

    • An advisor will review your degree progress and confirm your graduation term through ISO Gateway.

    • ISO will contact you directly with the final approval and next steps.

  • Reduced Course Load

    • International Students requesting a Reduced Course Load, less than 12-Credit hours per semester, should submit the Reduced Course Load request on ISO Gateway.


All registration forms can be found on the Office of the Registrar Forms page. Read below for tips if you are unsure of which form to use.

RTF Classic: Registration Transaction Forms require an instructor signature and are turned in to the GWSB Advising Center in Duques 456. RTFs are used for the following reasons:

  • Register for a closed course
  • Register for a course that requires permission of the instructor or the department
  • Waive the prerequisite(s) for a course
  • Waive major, level, class, degree, and/or school restrictions
  • Register for courses with a time conflict
  • Repeat a course for credit
  • Change the grade mode (Pass/No Pass v. letter grade)

RTF-EZ: RTF-EZs require an instructor signature and are turned in to Colonial Student Services on the ground floor of the University Student Center. RTF-EZs are used for the following reasons:

  • Register for a closed course
  • Register for a course that requires permission of the instructor or the department
  • Waive the prerequisite(s) for a course
  • Waive major, level, class, degree, and/or school restrictions

Leave of Absence/Continuous Enrollment (LOA/CE) Form: This form is used to take a leave of absence or go on continuous enrollment status for the semester.

  • Undergraduate Transfer Credit Approval Form is used when seeking approval of courses taken elsewhere during the summer or for transfer credit earned prior to being admitted to GW; completed forms should be turned in to the Undergraduate Advising Center. 
  • Students should keep in mind that the approval processing time can vary by department and are advised to complete this process before taking the course(s) away from GW. It is recommended to begin the approval process at least 3-4 weeks before the course begins to ensure that the approval can be processed. If taking a course away from GW during the summer term, it is best for students to complete the approval process during the Spring term while still on campus, as academic department operating hours may vary during the summer. 

Please note: To find & contact a faculty member for a review of courses, see the link below.

Students who are not planning to return to GW to continue their studies after the current semester should complete the Undergraduate Student Withdrawal Form and upload it to the Academic Forms page above. 

Students are encouraged to speak with the following individuals and offices (if applicable) about their intent to leave the university: 

Update your permanent mailing address and email address in GWeb:

  • Login to
  • Click “Personal Information Menu”
  • Click “Update Addresses and Phones”
  • Follow directions to provide permanent address information. 

Undergraduate students in CCAS, GWSB, SEAS, ESIA, and GWSPH may withdraw from an undergraduate course in any of those schools through the last day of classes in the semester in which the student is enrolled in the course.

In order to withdraw from the course after the tenth week of the semester (during the academic year), the student must submit a Registration Transaction Form (RTF) to his or her advising office.

Possible Implications of Withdrawing from a Course

After the last day of classes, students wishing to withdraw from a course(s) must submit a Late Withdrawal Request Form to the Advising Center. Late Withdrawal Requests are not guaranteed for approval.