Frequently Used Forms

For GWSB Undergraduates

The Washington Area Consortium of Universities is a cooperative arrangement in post-secondary education that is designed to permit the sharing of academic resources by member institutions and to offer qualified students the opportunity to enroll at other institutions for courses not available on their own campus.

  • Incomplete Contract (use if professor chooses to grant an Incomplete; for information on GW’s Incomplete Policy, refer to the University Bulletin here.)


Students requesting a CPT letter from their advisor should follow the CPT guidelines outlined by the ISO and provide their advisor with: a proposal letter, a letter (on letterhead) from your employer, a zero credit internship experience packet, and an RTF.


Students requesting an OPT letter from their advisor should follow the OPT guidelines outlined by the ISO. No additional paperwork is necessary to request the letter from your advisor.


International Students requesting a Reduced Course Load, less than 12-Credit hours per semester, should complete the online Reduced Course Load Form on the International Service Office website.

Please note: see the Study Abroad website to learn how to transfer credit to GW.

  • Undergraduate Transfer Credit Approval Form (this should be used when seeking approval of courses taken elsewhere during the summer or for transfer credit earned prior to being admitted to GW; completed forms should be turned in to the Advising Center.  For study abroad credit, please refer to the Study Abroad section above for study abroad transfer credit information.)

Please note: To find & contact a faculty member for a review of courses, see the link below.

Students who are not planning to return to GW to continue their studies after the current semester should refer to this checklist to be sure that all GW-related business is taken care of appropriately.

Undergraduate students in CCAS, GWSB, SEAS, ESIA, and GWSPH may withdraw from an undergraduate course in any of those schools through the last day of classes in the semester in which the student is enrolled in the course.

In order to withdraw from the course after the tenth week of the semester (during the academic year), the student must submit a Registration Transaction Form (RTF) to his or her advising office.

After the last day of classes, students wishing to withdraw from a course(s) must submit a Late Withdrawal Request Form to the Advising Center. Late Withdrawal Requests are not guaranteed for approval.