The Undergraduate Experience at GWSB

Our location in Washington, D.C. gives students access to opportunities and resources not available anywhere else. Here, undergraduates conduct research, study abroad, and intern at financial institutions, consulting firms, policy institutes, and on the Hill. Our students gain an understanding and appreciation of how business can lead to smarter solutions. With this mindset, they are driven to be socially conscious and to develop the skills to conduct both influential and important work throughout their careers.

The future of business education is rooted in global, societal, and political needs, and is measured by its global impact. At the GW School of Business (GWSB), we’re preparing our students to confront challenges while making organizations more competitive and responsible. Students at GWSB are educated in the liberal arts alongside concentrated study in business concepts and practice. They work collaboratively, conduct independent and team research, volunteer throughout the D.C. area and at campus events, and learn to manage their future careers.

GWSB’s study abroad program gives undergraduates the opportunity to experience international cultures, people, and perspectives. Students learn throughout the world, where they witness firsthand the new frontiers of business.