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About the Department of Accountancy

Founded in 1950, the Department of Accountancy offers students the chance to create a solid foundation in accounting, financial management and tax practice in either the public or private sector right in the heart of the global economic exchange. The result is an academic experience steeped in history with a decidedly world view.

Programs, Mission & Learning Goals

Our primary mission is to advance scholarship through high-quality accounting research and to deliver an outstanding education that challenges students intellectually and prepares them to be successful business professionals. Our secondary mission is to provide service to the university and academic and professional communities.

With 13 full-time professors and experienced adjunct professors from academia, business and government, the Department offers courses in accounting, taxation and business law as well as three degree programs:

Our campus is in the heart of where business and government intersect, with key executive and regulatory agencies, prominent research organizations, and think tanks just a stone’s throw away. Accountancy students can gain valuable working knowledge of institutions such as these through internships, co-ops and full- or part-time employment. When they graduate, they will join the ranks of our alumni, many of whom hold influential leadership positions in the public and private sectors.

Featuring testimonials from accountancy faculty and students, this video provides an overview of the student experience for those that study accountancy at the GW School of Business.


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