Academic Forms

For All Graduate Programs

Unless otherwise noted, the following forms may be used by all graduate students.

Course Waivers

Students who would like to request a course waiver must review the criteria and complete a Course Waiver Request Form.

Please note: MBA students must complete the MBA-specific Course Waiver Request Form. All other programs should complete the Graduate Masters and Certificate Waiver Request Form.

Grade Grievance

Students who believe that a grade is the result of arbitrary and capricious academic evaluation should complete the Grade Grievance Form and follow the procedures outlined.

Grade Grievance Form

Independent Study

Students interested in arranging an individualized academic project with a GW faculty member must submit the Independent Study Request Form.

Independent Study Request Form

Leave of Absence

Students who find it necessary to interrupt active pursuit of the degree or who have received military orders to deploy must complete a Leave of Absence Request FormStudents who are deploying must submit their deployment orders with the form to their academic advisor.

Leave of Absence Request Form

Policy Exception Form

Students seeking an exception to a University or School of Business policy due to extenuating circumstances must submit a Policy Exception Request Form.

Policy Exception Request Form

Petition for Credit

Students who would like to request application of GWU non-degree credits; or graduate-level credits from GWU towards their graduate degree core or elective requirements must complete a Petition for Credit Form.

Petition for Credit Form

Registration Transaction Form (RTF)

Students who wish to request changes to their course schedules and are unable to do so via GWeb must submit a Registration Transaction Form to their academic advisor.

Registration Transaction Form

Reinstatement Request

Students who would like to request reinstatement to a GWSB graduate program due to a break in enrollment or due to academic suspension must complete the Reinstatement Request Form.

Reinstatement Request Form

Transfer & GWU Credit Request

Students who would like to request application of credits taken at another institution towards their graduate degree requirements must complete a Transfer Credit Approval Form.

Transfer Credit Approval Form

Current Student Certificate Application Guide

The Current Student Certificate Application Guide is intended to help you move the application process quickly.

Certificate Application Guide

Program Specific Forms

MBA Forms

Concentration Declaration (MBA Only)

MBA students should complete the Concentration Declaration Form to declare or drop concentration(s).

MBA | Concentration Declaration

Petition for Elective Credit (MBA Only)

Students who wish to satisfy a MBA concentration elective with a course that has not been pre-approved must submit a Petition for Elective Credit Form.

MBA | Petition for Elective Credit

Program Transfer Request (MBA Only)

Current students in any of the MBA programs at GWSB seeking to transfer into either the Healthcare, Online, or Professional MBA program must submit a Program Transfer Request Form.

MBA | Program Transfer Request

MTA Forms

Concentration Declaration (MTA Only)

MTA students should complete the Concentration Declaration Form to declare or drop concentration(s).

MTA | Concentration Declaration