Business Language Curriculum Development

To teach business languages effectively, instructors need excellent materials with well conceived tasks that help students practice new vocabulary and grammatical forms while learning skills and knowledge related to the business context. The following business language courses and modules, developed by GW faculty with GW-CIBER funding, fill the need for such materials.

Business Language Courses are conceived as entire courses for teaching business language in the four languages below. They are geared towards the intermediate level learner (approximately third-year), include chapters centered on business topics with texts and tasks that facilitate practice with those themes and develop relevant skills.

Business Russian
Course Developer: Richard Robin
Course Materials: Business Russian Course Website

Business Arabic
Course Developer: Mohssen Esseesy
Course Materials: Business Arabic Sample Chapter

Business Korean
Course Developer: Young-Key Kim-Renaud
Course Materials:

Business Chinese
Course Developer: Phyllis Zhang
Course Materials:

Business Language Modules are shorter units (about two to three weeks long) that can function independently as “chapters” either within an existing business language course or in any intermediate level (third year) business course.

Business French Module
Module Developer: Jocelyne Brant and Brad Marshall
Module Materials: Business French Module Website

Business German Module 1: Applying for a Job
Module Developer: Margaret Gonglewski
Module Materials: Business German Module 1

Business German Module 2: Green Business *New*
Module Developer: Margaret Gonglewski and Anna Helm
Module Materials: Business German Module 2

Business Hebrew Module
Module Developer: Yaron Peleg
Module Materials: Business Hebrew Document

Business Italian Module
Module Developer: Lynn Westwater
Module Materials:

Business Japanese Module 
Module Developer: Shoko Hamano and Mitsuyo Sato
Module Materials: Business Japanese Module Website