Vanessa Perry

Vanessa Perry

Vanessa Perry

Interim Dean; Vice Dean for Strategy; Professor of Marketing; Professor of Strategic Management & Public Policy


Email: Vanessa Perry
Office Phone: (202) 994-4190
2201 G Street NW, Suite 301A Washington, D.C. 20052

Vanessa Gail Perry, MBA, Ph.D., is the interim dean of the George Washington University School of Business as well as the vice dean for strategy and a professor of marketing, strategic management and public policy. Her research, focused on consumers in housing and financial markets, marketplace discrimination, and public policy, has been published extensively. She has held numerous administrative appointments, including associate dean for graduate programs, associate dean for faculty and research, and vice provost for diversity and inclusion. While on leave from GWU, Dr. Perry served as a senior advisor to the secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and as an expert appointee at the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Before joining GWU, Prof. Perry served as a senior economist at Freddie Mac. She earned a B.A. from the American University, an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  • 2020, AMA-EBSCO Annual Award for Responsible Research in Marketing for “Dog Parks and Coffee Shops: Faux Diversity and Consumption in Gentrifying Neighborhoods” in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
  • 2020, American Marketing Association Foundation award, Williams-Qualls-Spratlen (WQS) Multicultural Mentoring Award of Excellence
  • 2009, Best Paper Award, Journal of Consumer Affairs, for “Is Ignorance Bliss? Consumer Accuracy in Judgments About Credit Ratings”
  • 2009, GWU School of Business Doctoral Student Association’s Peter Vaill Award, PhD Advisor of the Year
  • 2008, Undergraduate Teaching Award George Washington University School of Business
  • 2006, Teaching Excellence Award, George Washington University School of Business
  • 2006, 2007, George Washington University School of Business Research Experience for Undergraduates Award
  • 2003, Crain Research Fellow, George Washington University School of Business
  • Consumer Credit
  • Consumer Financial Decisions
  • Marketing and Society
  • Marketing and Public Policy
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • M.B.A., Washington University in St. Louis
  • B.A., American University

Refereed Publications

  • Davis, Nicole, Nils Olsen, Vanessa G. Perry, Marcus Stewart & Tiffany White (2023), “I’m Only Human? The Role of Racial Stereotypes, Humanness, and Satisfaction in Transactions with Anthropomorphic Sales Bots,”Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 8(1), 47-58.
  • Bryant, Andrew, Jennifer Griffin and Vanessa G. Perry (2022), “Irresponsible Contagions: Propagating HARMFUL Behavior Through Imitation," Journal of Business Ethics, the Environment & Responsibility, 32(1).
  • Pauwels, K., & Perry, V. G. (2022), “Models That Matter: How Quantitative Marketing Research Can Impact Public Policy,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 41(3), 206–210.
  • Wherry, F.F. and Perry, V.G. (2021), “Anti-Black Currents In Consumer Affairs: An Introduction To The Special Issue,” Journal of Consumer Affairs, 55, 356-365.
  • Bradford, T.W., Perry, V.G. (2021), “Marketing while Black: Commentary on the Galak and Kahn 2019 Academic Marketing Climate Survey,” Marketing Letters, 32, 299–306.
  • Bryant, Andrew, Jennifer Griffin and Vanessa G. Perry (2020), “Mitigating Climate Change: A Role for Regulations and Risk-Taking,” Business Strategy and the Environment, 29: 605-19.
  • Grier, Sonya A. and Vanessa G. Perry (2018), “Dog Parks and Coffee Shops:  Gentrification and Diversity in Urban Neighborhoods”, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 37(1), 23–38.
  • Perry, Vanessa G., Carol M. Motley, & Robert L. Adams, Jr. (2016), “What’s the Point(s)? Information Content and Messaging Strategies in Mortgage Loan Advertising,” Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research, 18(2), 45-64.
  • Seo, Joo Whan, Vanessa G. Perry, David Tomczyk and George Solomon (2014), “Who Benefits Most? The Effects of Managerial Assistance on Low Versus High Performing Small Businesses,” Journal of Business Research, 67(1), 2845-285.
  • Solomon, George, Andrew Bryant, Kevin May, Vanessa Perry (2013), “Survival of the Fittest: Technical Assistance, Survival and Growth of Small Businesses,” Technovation, 33 (8–9), 247-310.
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  • Perry, Vanessa G. and Pamela M. Blumenthal (2013), “Understanding the Fine Print: The Need for Effective Testing of Mandatory Mortgage Loan Disclosures,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 31(2), 305-12.
  • Perry, Vanessa G. and J.D. Lee (2012), “"Shopping for a Home VS a Loan: The Role of Cognitive Resource Depletion,” International Journal of Consumer Studies, 36(5), 580-87.
  • Perry, Vanessa G. and Carol M. Motley (2009), “Reading the Fine Print: Advertising and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis,” California Management Review, 51 (1), Fall 2009.

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