Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management

The Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management prepares future business leaders with strategic management principles by emphasizing the executive manager’s perspective and evaluating the strategy of various types of organizations in the global economy. Courses cover key areas associated with strategic management including corporate strategy, competitive strategy, corporate political and non-market strategy, business and government relations, strategic decision making, strategic networks, and strategic leadership. This program is valuable to individuals interested in the fields of consulting, business development, corporate strategy, corporate political strategy, sustainability, strategic compliance, and business and government relations.

Students must complete all of the required and elective credits from the course options below and are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above. Courses completed as a non-degree student are not eligible for application towards the certificate requirements.


Certificate Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 12 credits, including one 3-credit required course and 9 credits in selective/elective courses.
MBAD 6288Strategic Management (or SMPP 6290 in topic Strategy Concepts)
Two courses selected from the following:
SMPP 6202Business-Government Relations
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Strategic Leadership & Social Capital)
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Strategic Negotiations in Society)
Once course selected from the following:
IBUS 6401International Business Strategy
MGT 6253Leadership and Executive Development
MKTG 6255Strategic Brand Management
SMPP 6210Strategic Environmental Management
SMPP 6218Topics in Business and Society
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Strategic Networking)