Graduate Certificate in Financial Management

The Graduate Certificate in Financial Management provides background and training in the financial aspects of three principal business functions: (1) obtaining necessary capital, (2) investing capital in assets and operations to ethically maximize value for owners and shareholders, and (3) distributing profits to shareholders. In addition to financial planning, students will learn how to determine the cost of capital and how to raise and use it. They will also learn how to assess financial and invested capital performance and how to best distribute earnings to equity holders.

Students must complete all of the required and elective credits from the course options below and are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above. Courses completed as a non-degree student are not eligible for application towards the certificate requirements.


  • MBAD 6211 | Financial Accounting
  • MBAD 6224 | Decision Making and Data Analysis

Required Courses • 9 Credits

  • MBAD 6235 | Finance (prerequisites: MBAD 6211 and MBAD 6224)
  • FINA 6221 | Financial Decision Making (prerequisite: MBAD 6235)
  • FINA 6223 | Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (prerequisite: MBAD 6235)

Electives • 3 Credits

  • ACCY 6106 | Financial Statement Analysis
  • FINA 6224 | Financial Management
  • FINA 6250 | Securities Regulation and Financial Scandals
  • FINA 6290 | Special Topics: Financial Simulation