Graduate Certificate in Managing the Digital Organization

The Graduate Certificate in Managing the Digital Organization shows how organizations use systems to collect, process, and distribute data. Information systems are not only the technology an organization uses, but also the way people support business processes through interaction with technology. Students in this program will gain an understanding of the components that make up information systems how they support all aspects of an organization’s operations, management, and decision making.

Students must complete all of the required and elective credits from the course options below and are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above. Courses completed as a non-degree student are not eligible for application towards the certificate requirements.

Prerequisite • 3 credits

  • ISTM 6200 | Python Program Database Applications

Required Courses • 9 credits

  • ISTM 6201 | Information Systems Development and Applications
  • ISTM 6202 | Relational Databases (prerequisite: ISTM 6200)
  • ISTM 6209 | Web and Social Analytics

Electives • 3 credits*

  • ISTM 6203 | Managing Cloud Security
  • ISTM 6206 | Information Systems Security
  • ISTM 6215 | Human Computer Interaction

*The electives listed here represent a small sample of a larger list that may be viewed in the University Bulletin.