Graduate Certificate in Corporate Responsibility

The Graduate Certificate in Corporate Responsibility prepares professionals to become responsible leaders in business and understand a firm’s impact on society. The program emphasizes studying responsible behavior by individuals in organizations as well as the organizations themselves. The focus of the program lies on identifying the significance of values in business and demonstrating how integrating values in decision-making and strategy can promote responsible business in society.

Students must complete all of the required and elective credits from the course options below and are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above. Courses completed as a non-degree student are not eligible for application towards the certificate requirements.

Required Courses • 9 credits

Choose nine credits from the following list:

  • MBAD 6289 | Business Ethics and Public Policy
  • SMPP 6202 | Business & Government Relations
  • SMPP 6215 | Corporate Governance & Ethics
  • SMPP 6241 | Global Corporate Responsibility
  • SMPP 6290 | Special Topics: Corporate Fraud and Corruption
  • SMPP 6290 | Special Topics: Strategic Negotiations & Ethics

Electives • 3 credits*

  • SMPP 6211 | Corporate Environmental Management in Developing Nations
  • SMPP 6216 | Public Policy, Governance & the Global Market
  • MGT 6285 | Social Entrepreneurship

*The electives listed here represent a small sample of a larger list that may be viewed in the University Bulletin.