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The mission of GW-BRIDGE (Building Research Interdisciplinarily to Advance Gender Equity) is to advance research conducted at the George Washington University related to gender equity in organizations by connecting scholars who do research in this area using different disciplinary lenses. GW-BRIDGE fosters these connections by organizing meetings and events, sharing resources and information related to organizational gender equity research, and promoting cross-disciplinary research collaborations. It also facilitates connections to researchers and groups external to GW who do research on this topic.


Keynote Presentations

  • Ellen Kossek, Basil S. Turner Professor of Management and Director of Research at the Butler Center for Leadership Excellence, Purdue University Krannert School of Management

ABSTRACT: There is a need for increased attention to gender and work life inclusion and career equality using an organizational science lens. In this presentation, Dr. Kossek will review the state of the science on women’s career equality, identifying relevant perspectives and interventions. Although many factors contribute to the women’s career equality gap, the impact of work‐family/life relationships and career linkages are under‐emphasized in current diversity and inclusion conversations. Dr. Kossek will suggest areas for organizational interventions involving leader and peer socialization, as well as job and career redesign. She will also address the broader economic and socio‐ cultural contexts and macro‐micro dynamics in which women’s individual work‐life and career experiences are embedded.


  • On Friday, November 12, 2019, Margaret Ormiston presented her working paper, “Ask me anything: The influence of gender bias on journalist questions of CEOs and subsequent CEO responses,” Jennifer Merluzzi shared the report on the GW Diversity Council, and Sharon Hill discussed the submissions to the Academy of Management Conference “Virtual Work and Women’s Career Equality: A Double-Edged Sword”
  • On Thursday, September 5, 2019, Katina Sawyer gave us an overview of the SEAS Center for Women in Engineering, and Hannah Kremer and Isabel Villamor presented their project with Margaret Ormiston, “Princess Bee Effect: The Reverse Queen Bee Phenomenon.”
Current Funded Projects
  • Sharon Hill and Lynn Offermann, Co-Leads, Team Science module, Clinical and Translational Science Institute at Children's National version 2.0 (CTSI-CN); Lisa Guay-Woodford (Co-Director, Children's National); Mitchell Smith (GW Co-Director), National Institutes for Health, 2019-present.

    Drs. Hill and Offermann contribute their expertise in team science and leadership to this large multidisciplinary Federal grant project. I/O doctoral students Abbey Salvas and Maddie Romero are working with Drs. Hill and Offermann on this grant, and the grant was able to fund Maddie in Summer 2020. The first presentation of this research was made at the INSCI Conference in June 2020.
Recent Publications
  • Merluzzi, J., & Burt, R. S. (2020). One path does not fit all: A career path approach to the study of professional women entrepreneursEntrepreneurship Theory and Practice.
  • Kanze, D., Conley, M. A., Okimoto, T. G., Phillips, D. J., & Merluzzi, J. (2020). Evidence that investors penalize female founders for lack of industry fit. Science Advances, 6(48).
  • Offermann, L. R., Thomas, K. R., Lanzo, L.A. & Smith, L.N. (2020, in press). Achieving leadership and success: A 28-year follow-up of college women leaders. Leadership Quarterly, 31 (4). (available online, no pages yet)
  • Offermann, L. R., Lanzo*, L. A.,  Foley*, K., & Harvey*, T. H.  (in press). College women leaders, 1985-2015: Achievement motivations across generations. Journal of Managerial Psychology.
  • Offermann, L. R., & Foley, K. (2020).  Is there a female leadership advantage? A look at the literature. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management, Oxford University Press.  
  • Basford, T. E., Offermann, L. R., & Behrend, T. (2014). Do you see what I see? Perceptions of gender microaggressions in the workplace.  Psychology of Women Quarterly, 38, 340-349.
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