MSGC Publishing Opportunities

A unique aspect of the MS in Government Contracts program is the expectation (and preparation) for students to have their work published in a recognized academic journal serving the public procurement and contracting profession. Several publishing opportunities exist for GW students.

GW Co-Published Journals

Journal of Contract Management (JCM)

Journal of Contract Management (National Contract Management Association (NCMA) and the George Washington University) is positioned as a broad-based journal devoted to the dissemination of research in the substantive domain of contract management. Its editorial scope spans a wide-range of topics in the field. JCM's editorial policy favors no particular topic-area, research paradigm or analytical approach.

It strives to comprehensively cover the contract management discipline by publishing conceptual, empirical and practical application manuscripts that demonstrate substantial conceptual development, appropriate methodology, proven best practices, and value-added topic areas. MSGC students may serve on the Student Editorial Board for this journal. Contact the MSGC program office to volunteer.

Public Contract Law Journal

The Public Contract Law Journal (the Public Contract Law Section of the American Bar Association and the George Washington University Law School) is the premier journal read by practitioners in the field of government procurement law. The Public Contract Law Journal is a focal point in the legal community for the examination of timely legal issues confronting the public contract community. The journal is committed to publishing scholarly articles that are topical, provocative and reflect the many views of the section's diverse membership.

Other Journals

Journal of Public Procurement (JoPP)

The peer-reviewed Journal of Public Procurement (NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement and Florida Atlantic University) is dedicated to the study of public procurement. JoPP is to publish manuscripts in all areas of government procurement, including general, new theoretical developments, results of research that advance understanding of fundamental public procurement, important practical innovations and developments. JoPPs purpose is to build a professional community of scholars and practitioners interested in improving efficiency, equity and transparency in public procurement. JoPP welcomes unsolicited manuscripts from all sources.

Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation (JSCAN)

The official journal of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, JSCAN, is an outlet for research and theory about practices that challenge the status quo in strategic contracting and negotiations, and the commercial implementation of business strategy or policy. It also addresses the impact of contracting and negotiation on trust and ethics in business. As a cross-disciplinary endeavor drawing on the social sciences, JSCAN aims to lead the wave of change concerning theory, research and the practice of strategic contracting and negotiation.

APMP Journal of Research

APMP Journal of Research (Association for Project Management Professionals) is research-based articles about capture and bid proposal management in business development.

Public Procurement Law Review

Public Procurement Law Review (The University of Nottingham, U.K.) launched originally in 1992 as a publication focused on EU and UK procurement law, the journal now provides for international research relating to procurement law and regulation, containing articles on international law, comparative law and national procurement systems.

Whilst the journal focuses on procurement law, it is not limited to articles with a legal approach, but publishes analyses of issues of relevant to regulation by economists and political science, as well as lawyers. The News section of the review provides comprehensive coverage of the EU and UK level case law, legislation and other developments on public procurement, as well as coverage of other major international developments for example, within the WTO and UNCITRAL.

African Public Procurement Law Journal

The African Public Procurement Law Journal (African Public Procurement Regulation Research Unit and the Stellenbosch University Department of Public Law) was established to stimulate and foster academic engagement and debate in the field of public procurement law and regulation on the African continent. The Journal is the first platform devoted exclusively to research into public procurement law in Africa. The Journal will publish high quality papers on themes and sub-themes relevant to procurement law and regulation in Africa.

The Journal intends to make widely accessible, information on African public procurement law, regulation and policy and provide readers with scholarly and in-depth analysis on the same. The Journal is aimed at a diverse audience of academics, practitioners, regulators, policy makers, government officials and students. The Journal particularly welcomes submissions from academics and practitioners with an interest in any area of public procurement law, policy and regulation.