MSBA: Academic Program


Developed in collaboration with the Department of Decision Sciences, I2SDS, and the School of Business, GW’s MSBA program offers a curriculum that prepares students for successful careers helping organizations make better decisions through Analytics.

Demand for analytics professionals is growing rapidly, and our faculty have worked with organizations such as IBM and Deloitte to develop a rigorous and balanced curriculum to train our students in the analytic skills needed by top employers.

The curriculum encompasses the technical, quantitative and qualitative skills for effectively developing, deploying and communicating business analytics solutions.



The MS in Business Analytics curriculum is a distinctive blend of methods, applications, skills and technology.

  • Methods: Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics.
  • Applications: Elective courses in Analytics applied to a specific functional area or industry.
  • Skills: Workshops in communication and consulting.
  • Technology: Hands-on exposure to industry standard Analytics tools/software including emphasis on the SAS tools suite, R Programming, Python, SQL, no-SQL, Tableau and other current and trending technologies.

Accelerated Full-Time Sample Degree Plan

Full-Time Sample Degree Plan

Part-Time Sample Degree Plan



The MSBA program is 33 credit hours long. Three-credit courses are a full semester long (14 weeks). Courses that are 1.5 credits are seven weeks in length and are offered either in the first or second half of a semester.


Program Duration

Students can choose one of three time-frames in which to complete the degree:

Accelerated Full-Time

12 Months | Fall, Spring and Summer

Ideal for students who are not working while attending the MSBA program. Students must take courses in the summer term to complete the degree within 12 months. For more information refer to the Accelerated Full-Time Sample Degree Plan.


16 Months | Fall 1, Spring 1 and Fall 2

Ideal for students who are not working full time but want to complete an internship during the summer term. Students are eligible, but not required, to take courses during the summer term. The degree plan is similar to the Full-Time Sample Degree Plan but students take their electives in the second fall term rather than the summer. Please note, some MSBA electives are only offered in the summer.


24 Months | Fall 1, Spring 1, Fall 2 and Spring 2

Ideal for students with full-time jobs or those seeking a moderate pace. Students can complete the MSBA program in 24 months, but have up to five years to complete all degree requirements. Students are eligible, but not required, to take courses during the summer term. Please refer to the Part-Time Sample Degree Plan.

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