International Business Ph.D. Research and Productivity

The Faculty

Our faculty earned Ph.Ds. from renowned schools, including Harvard, Stanford, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Maryland, the University of Michigan, the University of Minnesota, Yale, Chicago, and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

We publish in top tier journals and university presses, and work closely with doctoral students, leading to co-authored published articles. We are active in the discipline, serving on the Editorial Review Boards of several top journals, including the Journal of International Business, Organization Science, the Global Strategy Journal, and the Strategic Management Journal, as well as on organizing committees and as track chairs of major conferences (including the Academy of Management and the Academy of International Business annual meetings). The faculty also have an established record of securing external research grants.

Our core doctoral faculty and a sample of recent publications are listed below.

Meghana Ayyagari

Ph.D in Finance, University of Maryland, College Park. Areas of Expertise: International Corporate Governance, Financial Development and Growth, International Finance

  • Ayyagari, M., A. Demirguc-Kunt, and V. Maksimovic, 2013, Bribe Payments and Innovation in Developing Countries: Are Innovating Firms Disproportionately Affected, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  • Ayyagari, M., A. Demirguc-Kunt, and V. Maksimovic, 2011, Firm Innovation in Emerging Markets: Role of Governance and Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol. 46, 1545-1580. (Lead article)

Heather Berry

Ph.D in Strategy & Organization and International Business, UCLA. Areas of Expertise: Multinational Corporations, Global Strategy, Divestment, Innovation

  • Berry, H., forthcoming, Global Integration and Innovation: Multi-Country Knowledge Generation within MNCs, Strategic Management Journal (online early view version available June 14, 2013 at DOI: 10.1002/smj.2140)
  • Berry, H, 2013. When Do Firms Divest Foreign Operations? Organization Science.24:2462-79.

Wenjie Chen

Ph.D in Economics, University of Michigan. Areas of Expertise: International Trade, International Finance, Applied Econometrics

  • The Effect of Investor Origin on Firm Performance: Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment in the United States, 2011, Journal of International Economics, Vol. 83(2): 219 – 228.

Reid Click

Ph.D in Economics and International Business, University of Chicago. Areas of Expertise: International Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics, International Investment

  • Click, R. and R. Weiner, 2010. “Resource Nationalism Meets the Market: Political Risk and the Value of Petroleum Reserves,” Journal of International Business Studies 41, June/July 2010, pp. 783-803.

Srividya Jandhyala

Ph.D in Multinational Management, University of Pennsylvania. Areas of Expertise: International Political and Legal Institutions, Multinational Management, International Business

  • Jandhyala, S., “Institutions sans Frontières: International Agreements and Foreign Investment” (with WHOM??), Journal of International Business Studies, forthcoming 2014.
  • Jandhyala, S.,.“Property Rights and International Investment in Information Technology Services”, Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.
  • Nathan Jensen

Ph.D in Political Science, Yale University. Areas of Expertise: Political Risk in Emerging Markets, International Institutions, Civil Conflict

  • Jensen, Nathan M., Quan Li, and Aminur Rahman. 2010. Understanding Corruption Using Cross-National Firm-Level Surveys. Journal of International Business Studies 41 (9): 1481-1504.
  • Jensen, Nathan M. 2006. Nation-States and the Multinational Corporation: A Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment. Princeton University Press.

Rafel Lucea

Ph.D in Strategy and International Management, MIT. Areas of Expertise: Non-Market Strategies, Firm-NGO Relationships, International Strategy

Noel Maurer

Ph.D, Stanford University. Areas of expertise: Economic Institutions, Political Economy, Business History

  • The Empire Trap: The Rise and Fall of U.S. Intervention to Protect American Property Overseas 1893‐2013. New York, NY: Princeton University Press, forthcoming.
  • With Carlos Yu. The Big Ditch: How America Took, Built, Ran, and Ultimately Gave Away the Panama Canal. New York, NY: Princeton University Press, 2010.

Anupama Phene

Ph.D in International Management, University of Texas at Dallas. Areas of Expertise: Innovation, Localization of Knowledge, Strategic Alliances, Multinational Firms

  • Phene, A., and S. Tallman, 2012. Complexity, context and governance in biotechnology alliances. Journal of International Business Studies, 43(1): 61-83
  • Phene, A., S. Tallman and P. Almeida, 2012. When do acquisitions facilitate technological exploration and exploitation. Journal of Management. 2012 38(3): 753-783.

Liesl Riddle

Ph. D. in Sociology, University of Texas at Austin. Areas of Expertise: Diaspora Homeland Investment, Cross-Cultural Management, International Marketing, National Trade and Investment Promotion

  • Riddle, L. and co-authors. 2010. “A 41 Society Analysis of Ethical Preferences for Influencing Superiors,”(2009) Journal of International Business Studies 40 (August): 1022-1045.
  • Nielsen, T.M. and L. Riddle, 2009. “Investing in Peace: The Motivational Dynamics of Diaspora Investment in Post-Conflict Economies,” Journal of Business Ethics, 89, 435-448.

Jennifer Spencer

Ph.D in Strategic Management & Organization, University of Minnesota. Areas of Expertise: Institutions, Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Diffusion, International Corporate Strategy

  • Vasudeva, G., J.W. Spencer and H. Teegen. 2013. The Impact of Corporatism on Technology Alliance Formation and Knowledge Acquisition. Organization Science.
  • Spencer, J. and C. Gomez. 2011. MNEs and Corruption: The Impact of National Institutions and Subsidiary Strategy. Strategic Management Journal. 32 (3): 280-300.

Robert Weiner

Ph.D in Business Economics, Harvard University. Areas of Expertise: International Finance, Privatization, Petroleum Industry

  • Jandhyala, S. and R. Weiner, “Institutions sans Frontières: International Agreements and Foreign Investment”, Journal of International Business Studies, forthcoming 2014.
  • Weiner, R. and Y. Jeong, “Who Bribes?: Evidence from the UN Oil-for-Food Program”, Strategic Management Journal 33, #12, December 2012: 1363-1383.

Associated Faculty From Finance

Senay Agca

Ph.D in Finance, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Areas of expertise: Credit Risk, Corporate Finance, International Financial Markets

  • Ağca, Ş. and O. Celasun, “Sovereign Debt and Corporate Borrowing Costs in Emerging Markets” Journal of International Economics, 2012, 88, 198‐208.