MBA Class Profiles

Global and Professional MBA Programs

The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) is a school on the move. Over the past several years, we have committed to strengthening our class profile through increased selectivity. As a result, admission to each of our programs has grown more and more competitive. At the same time, we’ve remained committed to maintaining a diverse student community who share our passion for global, ethical business.

At the GWSB, community comes first, and students work toward shared goals. Our class profiles can be a helpful tool in understanding how your profile compares to our current students, but to fully understand our MBA community, we recommend you come see it for yourself.

Global MBA Class Profile

Number enrolled: 97
Age: 28 (Mid-80% range: 24-31)
Work Experience: 5 years (Mid-80% range: 2-8 years)
Female: 42%
International: 47%
U.S. Underrepresented: 8%
U.S. Military/Veteran: 8%

Professional MBA Class Profile

Number enrolled: 241
Age: 35 (Mid-80% range: 26-46)
Work Experience: 7.78 years (Mid-80% range: 2-15 years)
Female: 46%
International: 8%
U.S. Underrepresented: 27%
U.S. Military/Veteran: 20%