Students Develop Strategic Marketing Plan for Beach Resort

March 21, 2024

composite photo of GW School of Business MS in Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management students and professors

MS in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management students Jodie Abrahamsz, Thana Albalawi, Turki Alsheikh, Nora Alsomali, Yolanda Gonzalez, Sammy Neyman and Savi Sarmadi recently developed a strategic marketing plan for Beachcomber Resort in Avalon, New Jersey as part of their TSTD 6263 Destination Marketing class. Under the mentorship of Prof. Cevat Tosun, the team engaged Beachcomber Resort to determine the best strategy for increasing the occupancy rate of the 54-unit condominium property.

Throughout the semester-long engagement, the team met virtually with leadership at Beachcomber Resort to discuss their primary business concerns and ultimately determined a project focused on digital marketing enhancements would be of the most value to the business. The industry partners included Randy Maier, chair of the Beachcomber Resort board of directors; Kathleen Donodeo, Beachcomber Resort board of directors member; and Fred Donodeo, Beachcomber Resort marketing committee member.

The students conducted research analysis to ultimately determine a targeted strategic plan for the hotel to increase the property’s occupancy rate. Their findings were positively received by leadership at Beachcomber Resort. Of the academic collaboration experience, Board of Directors Chair Randy Maier stated, "I have to say that after being significantly inspired by all of the discussions with you, we decided to double the marketing budget. We are, as they say, 'going for it' this year."