European Union Research Center (EURC)

The European Union Research Center (EURC) of the George Washington University is a joint initiative of the School of Business and the Elliott School of International Affairs. Established in 1998, the center is housed in GW’s Institute for Global Management and Research (IGMR).


EURC's primary mission is to pursue multidisciplinary policy based research focusing on the economic, political and social issues of the European Union (EU), especially on the interaction of public and private sectors and its implications for the global economy. In addition to research, EURC's main mission is to promote policy dialogue.

The primary purposes of EURC are to promote scholarly and policy-oriented research and discussions on the EU, its member states, and U.S.-EU relations. EURC’s multidisciplinary focus encourages analysis and policy dialogue on these topics in a variety of fields, including politics, economics, business, finance, law, science and technology, public management, public health, and others. In pursuit of these goals the EU Research Center seeks to:

  • Engage in research projects commissioned by business, government agencies and other institutions;
  • Provide funding for GW faculty, students and external collaborators to facilitate research and professional exchange;
  • Publish a series of occasional papers for distribution to a wide academic and professional audience;
  • Maintain a web site with links to important sources of information about the EU and related topics;
  • Enhance teaching and public education on the EU and related issues;
  • Establish ties with other research centers dealing with the EU in the United States and Europe; and
  • Promote communication and collaboration on EU issues among universities, think tanks, the U.S. government, the diplomatic corps, businesses and other members of the research and policy communities of the Washington, D.C., area.


Elias Carayannis, Director; Professor of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Tel: 202-994-4062
E-mail: [email protected]

Michael J. Sodaro, Associate Director; Professor of International Affairs, Elliott School of International Affairs
Tel: 202-994-2213
E-mail: [email protected]

Advisory Board:

Scheherazade Rehman, Professor of International Business, School of Business and Professor of International Affairs, ESIA) and EURC Director

Michael Sodaro, Professor of Political Science, Columbian College and EURC Associate Director

Henry Hale, Director of The European, Russian, and Eurasia Studies (IERES), ESIA [special Board member]

John Forrer, Director of GW’s Center for the Study of Globalization and Associate Director of Institute for Corporate Responsibility, School of Business

Hossein Askari, Professor of International Business and Iran Chair, School of Business

Elias G. Carayannis, Professor of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, School of Business and special program Director of Research, Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the EURC

For more information, please contact the EU Research Center at [email protected].