Remembering General Colin Powell (MBA ‘71)

October 18, 2021

General Colin Powell speaks at an event at the George Washington University

We are deeply saddened by the passing of General Colin Powell (MBA ‘71). As our most distinguished of alumni, General Powell embodied the spirit of the GW School Business — focusing his life on making an impact. Speaking to students at GW in 2014, Powell shared that “What I have found is that leadership is all about people,” a common theme in his 2012 memoir where he shared thirteen rules of leadership.

One of the values that our school shares with his legacy is a passionate commitment to international education. As Secretary of State, Powell championed the connections made through people-to-people relationships developed through international student mobility and study abroad programs. In August of 2001, Powell explained his support of international exchange, stating, “ is important for American students to learn other languages, experience foreign cultures, and develop a broad understanding of global issues.”

In GWSB we recognize this great leader for his accomplishments, and for his example in leading a life of purpose and impact.

-Anuj Mehrotra, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Business
The George Washington University

GW Today provided insight into General Colin Powell’s long-term relationship with the university.