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The Master in Management (MiM) degree is a perfect example of GWSB’s innovative approach to graduate education, combining core coursework with a flexible selection of graduate certificate courses that serve as your electives. This format gives you a high degree of flexibility in designing a program tailored to your specific interests and needs, while giving you the management essentials that will serve you throughout your career. The program is also especially well-suited for liberal arts or STEM students without an undergraduate degree in business.

The Master in Management program can be completed in one year of full-time study — part-time options are available as well — and you can choose to study online, on-campus, or in a hybrid format. The degree is also eligible to be combined with some GWSB’s undergraduate degree programs in the 4+1 Program, allowing you to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s in five years.

Learning Objectives

  • Exhibit capability in critical thinking and analytics for sound decision making using information, quantitative tools, and technology
  • Work effectively in teams and learn about the dynamics of team leadership and membership
  • Demonstrate mastery of discipline or functional-area key knowledge, skills and abilities associated with the student’s selected certificate program included in the degree
  • Communicate effectively through preparation of well-written reports and delivery of professional presentations


Degree Requirements


The following requirements must be fulfilled: 33 credits, including 21 credits in required core courses and 12 credits taken by completing an approved graduate certificate program.

Core courses (21 credits)
MBAD 6211Financial Accounting
MBAD 6224Decision Making and Data Analysis
MBAD 6235Finance
MBAD 6263Organizations and Human Capital
MBAD 6274Marketing
MBAD 6289Business Ethics and Public Policy
SMPP 6290Special Topics (Strategy Concepts)
Certificate courses (12 credits)
In addition to completing the core courses listed above, students complete the curriculum requirements of one of the graduate certificate programs listed below:

Approved graduate certificate programs

Please note: Several of the graduate certificates approved for this degree program may be completed entirely online.

View online graduate certificates

Sample Course Sequencing

Sample Course Sequencing - Fall Semester Start

Fall 1 (15 credits)

  • Financial Accounting
  • Decision Making and Data Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Certificate Course 1
  • Certificate Course 2

Spring 1 (15 credits)

  • Business Ethics and Public Policy
  • Organizations and Human Capital
  • Finance
  • Certificate Course 3
  • Certificate Course 4

Summer 1 (3 credits)

  • Strategic Management



The Master in Management degree can also be combined with a bachelor's degree through GWSB's new 4+1 Program, which enables students to complete both a bachelor's and a master's degree in five years.

Elliott School Bachelor of Science in International Affairs students may apply to the 4+1 Program for the Master in Management degree.


Students interested in the bachelor’s/MiM program must meet the same standard for admission to the MiM program. Students must have a 3.0 minimum GPA for their undergraduate program and be in good academic standing with the University to be eligible for admission.


In addition to meeting the requirements for their undergraduate degree, which includes completing nine credits of shared graduate coursework, the combined Bachelor’s/MiM degree program requires the student to complete 24 credits of graduate coursework comprised of 15 credits of core business foundation courses, six credits of certificate required courses, and a three-credit certificate elective.

Sample Course Sequencing for the 4+1 Program

Senior Year (9 credits)

  • Decision Making and Data Analysis
  • Business Ethics and Public Policy
  • Certificate Course 1

Fall (12 credits)

  • Financial Accounting*
  • Marketing*
  • Certificate Course 2
  • Certificate Course 3

Spring (12 credits)

  • Organizations and Human Capital*
  • Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Certificate Course 4

*Students who have completed the GWSB undergraduate equivalent of these courses will instead enroll in a different graduate-level course within the same department.

Admissions Process

Applying to a program at the GW School of Business may seem like a complicated process, but the GWSB admissions team is here to help. The application process for the MiM program can be found on our How to Apply page. All application materials should be sent to the GWSB Graduate Admissions Office. The GRE or GMAT test is not required — however, if you feel that submitting your scores will strengthen your application, you are welcome to submit them.

Additionally, we're happy to announce that the Master in Management program now has Sevis approval and is able to sponsor F-1 student visas for international students.

Application Deadlines

Candidates seeking financial assistance and international students requiring visas are encouraged to apply early. Only completed applications, with all required materials, will be considered for admission.

All Fall 2021 applications are now closed.




October 15, 2021

January 15, 2022

January 15, 2022

Please note: Summer deadlines only apply to the Master of Accountancy (MAccy) program. MAccy students requiring an F1 visa should limit their applications to the fall or spring semesters only.

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