Marilyn Liebrenz-Himes

Marilyn Liebrenz-Himes

Marilyn Liebrenz-Himes

Associate Professor Emeritus of Global Marketing


Office Phone: (202) 994-5982
2201 G Street NW, Suite 301-C Washington, DC 20052

Marilyn Liebrenz-Himes is an associate professor emeritus of global marketing at the GW School of Business (GWSB). Professor Marilyn Liebrenz-Himes received her Ph. D. in Business Administration-Marketing and Master of Arts in Communication from Michigan State University, and a B. A. in Education from Wheaton College. She joined the GW School of Business in 19xx. Dr. Liebrenz-Himes has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate marketing courses, both at the Foggy Bottom campus and in several countries around the world, including China, Egypt, France, and Vietnam. She has been involved with a wide number of professional and academic organizations including the American Marketing Association, and was the Chairperson of the International AMA Student Conference, held in New Orleans. She is currently the Associate Editor for book reviews and communications in the Journal of Macromarketing. She is the current President of the GWU chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma and is on several academic and professional boards including the Direct Marketing Association of Washington Educational Foundation and the Marketing History Society. Dr. Liebrenz-Himes was invited to attend the inaugural Services Marketing Conference of the AMA, and has continued her association with key scholars in the marketing of services arena.

She and her husband live near Annapolis, MD. They have four sons, and also are sponsors for a number of midshipmen from the Naval Academy.

  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • International Marketing
  • Services Marketing Management
  • International Business
  • Multinational Corporations in the World Economy


Awarded the Mike O’Hara Leadership Award 2012, by the Direct Marketing Association of Washington Educational Foundation. The O’Hara Leadership Award in Education was created in 2008 in honor of long-time DMAW and DMAWEF leader, Michael O’Hara. It is awarded annually to the most outstanding professor in the Mid-Atlantic region in direct marketing. Washington, DC, November 28, 2012.

Awarded the GWSB Outstanding Undergraduate Faculty Award 2011-2012, GWU, May 18, 2012.

Awarded the GWSB Outstanding Undergraduate Faculty Award 2008-2009, GWU, May 14, 2009.

Awarded Joan Throckmorton Award for Creative Excellence 2008-2009 by Direct Marketing Association of Washington Educational Foundation. This award is for the development of imaginative new teaching and learning techniques in the collegiate classroom.

Selected to teach in the Executive MBA program in Alexandria University as part of the overall Fulbright grant to assist this global program. Taught course: Strategic Services Marketing and Management as based on a required course in the GWU-MBA Program. Assignments for the University of Alexandria Program were modified in order to fit the compressed schedule of classes. July-August 2005.

Awarded Sabbatical, Fall Semester 2005; no classes on GWU campus: invited guest lecturer for Royal Education in Vietnam during a portion of this Fall sabbatical period.Taught Services Marketing, and Direct Marketing Management to students in both Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi, during September and October, 2005. Student numbers in these classes ranged from 30 to 50 students per course. The courses were taught with an intensive time frame, with the Services Marketing course presented each morning 8AM to noon, and the Direct Marketing course presented each afternoon, from 1-5PM. Students were able to attend both sessions, although some students attended only the morning or the afternoon offering. Classes were taught in English and while many of the students were also fluent in English, Vietnamese translators were used throughout all of my presentations.

Received a Certificate from the Direct Marketing Association of Washington “in recognition of your contributions in making DMAW successful in 2002.” Awarded in May 2002.

  • Ph.D., Michigan State University
  • M.A., Michigan State University
  • B.A., Wheaton College


Accepted for publication: Shamma, Hamed, Dyer, Robert F, and Liebrenz-Himes, Marilyn, “Customer Relationship Management in Professional Service Organizations: An Application to the Building Industry.” International Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing and Management, Vol. 2, No. 2. 2012.

Liebrenz-Himes, Marilyn, “Perspectives of Other Scholars,” Invited Commentary, in Legends in Marketing-Shelby D. Hunt: Macromarketing, Ethics, and Social Responsbility-The Development Period, Volume 5, Volume Editor: Scott J. Vitell (Decatur, GA: Incore Publishing LLC), 2010.

“Best Practices for Implementing CRM Defined in New Study,” Design Firm Management & Administration Report, Issue 07-03, March 2007. Co-authored with Robert Dyer.

Client Relationship Management for Professional Services Firms, Part II.” co-authored with Robert Dyer and Hamed Shamma. SMPA Marketer, Vol. 26, Issue 1, February 2007.

“Client Relationship Management for Professional Services Firms, Part I.” Co-authored with Robert Dyer and Hamed Shamma. SMPA Marketer, Vol. 25, Issue 6, December 2006.

“Customer Relationship Management in Professional Service Organizations: Factors Influencing CRM Adoption and Use in the Building Industry,” Proceedings, Society for Marketing Advances, Annual Conference. November 1-4, 2006, Nashville, TN. Co-authored with Robert Dyer and Hamed Shamma. Paper was recognized as Best Paper in the Customer Relationship Management Track.

“Client Relationship Management for Professional Services Firms in the Design and Building Industry,” Co-authored by Robert F. Dyer, with assistance from Hamed Shamma. Society for Marketing Professional Services, October 2006. This document provides the summation of the research conducted for the Society for Marketing Professional Services, and is the concluding material meeting all requirements of the grant provided by this organization. Report provides the summation of research and insights from primary and secondary research conducted throughout the 2005-2006 calendar year, including in-depth personal interviews. Comprehensive telephone interviews and an online survey sent to 3,500 professional service firms. 160 pages, including appendices.

“This Year’s Gold Collegiate Maxi Award Goes to Two Top Teams” AdVents Article, August 2006 (trade publication of DMAW).

Books & Monographs

Liebrenz, M. L. 1989. Study Guide: Advertising: Principles and Practices to accompany the advertising text by Wells/Burnett/Moriarty titled ADVERTISING. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Liebrenz, M. L., Schnitzer, M. C. & Kubin, K. W. 1985. International Business. Cincinnati, Ohio: South-Western Publishers.

Chapters in Books

Subway Global Marketing Case study Asia Subway and Latin America Subway, (co- authored with Dr Fernando Robles), accepted for publication 2011 by Cengage for new case study publication: currently working on Teaching Notes for these two case portions.

“Global Exposure in Leading MBA Programs,” chapter in Real Learning Opportunités at Business School and Beyond, Springer Publishing, UK. (Co-authored with Robert F. Dyer, and Salah Hassan). 2009.

Dr. Liebrenz-Himes and a marketing colleague received a major grant for studies on customer relationship management (CRM) from the Society for Professional Marketing. She continues to examine services as part of her research interests, including recent papers presented on the “Sharing Economy” at Marketing conferences in England and New Zealand.

MKTG 6246 - (Online) Marketing of Services

An online elective in the MBA and the Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Brand Management.

Dr. Liebrenz-Himes created the original Marketing of Services course offering here at GWU and has taught it since its inception. The marketing of services course has been designed to provide key service-based insights, information and applications to a variety of topics, majors, and interests. Nearly three quarters of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product is from services. Everyone uses services, in fact, some authors state that everything is a service, it is just that some services use more physical items than others. Past students in her Services Marketing courses have come from a wide variety of fields and majors, including finance, accounting, international business, marketing, management, decision and computer science, tourism, sports marketing, and public policy. Today, we still need services, although the versions may have changed. The service “vehicles” may have changed; for example, to communicate today, we use different types of mobile phones or other electronic or digital devices to communicate. In the past, we were often limited to postal letters or basic telephones. Longer ago, some tribes used smoke signals, or cavemen carved drawings on cave walls for their messages. Today’s services provide us with so many advantages, but our goal is to provide better service, regardless of the type or area, and that is a major focus of my course.

Membership and Service

American Marketing Association – National. 1975 – 1998
Educator’s Conference: San Diego, California. August 1996.
Educator’s Conference: Washington, DC. August 1995.
Educator’s Conference: Chicago. August 6-9, 1989.
International Collegiate Conference: New Orleans, Louisiana. April 1988.
Chairperson: Leadership and Chapter Management Track. Responsible for organization of all collegiate presentations at entire conference.
International Collegiate Conference: New Orleans, Louisiana. April 1988. Vice-Chairperson; Chairperson of best ever one-on-one session at a collegiate conference.
International Collegiate Conference: Chicago, Illinois. April 1986. Chairperson: Personal Marketing@ plenary session.
International Collegiate Conference: Chicago, Illinois. April 4-6, 1984. Chairperson: Responsible for program, selection of speaker and presentations. Program included 46 corporate speakers and three keynote addresses. Achieved record-breaking attendance.
Industry Conference: New York, New York. June 1982. Attendee.
Theory Conference: San Antonio, Texas. February 1982.
Discussant: Marketing Theory Development
Industry Conference: San Francisco, California. June 1981.
Educator’s Conference: Chicago, Illinois. August 1980. Attendee.
Educator’s Conference: Minneapolis, Minnesota. August 1979.  Attendee.
Session Chairperson: “What are the Overseas Policy Issues/Problems Facing Today’s Marketer? “Panelists included industry representative with high responsibility for corporation’s overseas involvement.
Industry Conference: Cleveland, Ohio. June 1977.
Educator’s Conference: Memphis, Tennessee. August 1976.

American Marketing Association – Regional Chapter
Attendee at monthly luncheons and selected seminars.
Case Competition on Literacy Services, Baltimore Chapter. March 1990. Judge.
Case Competition on Financial Services, Baltimore Chapter. February 1989. Judge.
Responsible for overall programming and seminars for metro area, including AMA monthly luncheons; obtaining speaker(s); providing information for newsletters and public relations on luncheons; and, coordination with hotels and conference facilities.
Vice President: Programming. Metro Washington, DC. 1985 – 1987
Videotech: Marketing and the New Communications and Conference Technologies. Attendee.
Chapter Meeting: Baltimore, Maryland. May 12, 1983.

Academy of International Business. 1977 to 1990
August 1989. Attendee
Annual Meeting: London, England. November 21-23, 1986.
Discussant: International Marketing and Exporting.
Annual Meeting: New York, New York. October 1985.
Chairperson: Foreign Market Entry, Chinese Consumer Behavior and Implications of Brazil’s Computer Policies on U.S. Firms@ Session.
Midwest Spring Meeting: Cleveland, Ohio. 1984. Attendee.
Far East Regional Meeting: Singapore. June 14-16, 1984. Panelist.
Annual Meeting: Washington, DC. October 27-30, 1983. Chairperson: Local arrangements. Responsible for coordination of receptions, tours and other events.
Asia-Pacific meeting: Montreal, Canada. 1981. Attendee.
Annual Meeting: New Orleans, Louisiana. 1980. Attendee.
Asia-Pacific Dimensions of International Business Conference. Hawaii. December 18-20, 1979.
Session Chairperson: The Busiest Expansion Activities in Eastern and Western Europe.
Midwest Spring Meeting: Chicago, Illinois. April 6, 1979. Panelist: Position of Trade Fairs in East-West Trade Export Expansion.
Annual Meeting: Chicago, Illinois. 1978. Attendee.

Conference on Historical Analysis and Research in Marketing (CHARM)
Board Member. 2008 to present
Presenter, Bi-Annual Conferences. 2007, 2009, 2011.