Mailing Tickets

Ticket Mail Requests

Ticket Mail Requests are designated for all 2018 graduates, all 2019 online/distance students and for students currently studying abroad. All current, 2019 on-campus students must retrieve their guest tickets in person during the GWSB ticket distribution.

Please complete the electronic form for ticket mail requests no later than 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 25. Any mail requests made after this date are not guaranteed.

The Graduation Survey

In order to process your mail request, you must complete the Masters or senior graduation survey. We will connect with the office of Survey and Research Analysis (SRA) on your behalf, you DO NOT need to show or send us any proof of having completed the survey. SRA will be able to confirm. The survey will become available in late March.

If you complete the survey by Friday, April 13th. Your tickets will be mailed out to you the following week. We will notify you via email when your tickets have been mailed. If you complete the survey any time after Friday, April 13th, your mail request will be finalized and processed 3 business days after. We will notify you via email when your tickets have been mailed.

The 2019 graduation survey will become available in the last week of March.

Special Mail Requests

If you believe that you have an extenuating circumstance in which you cannot retrieve your tickets, nor locate a designee to retrieve tickets on your behalf, you may complete the electronic ticket mail request form for either GWSB Masters or GWSB Seniors and explain your circumstance. All special requests will be processed within 4 business days of receipt of request.