Lynda Maddox

Professor of Marketing
Funger Hall
2201 G Street NW
Suite 301-D
Washington, DC 20052
[email protected]

External Grants

$8,000. Cranberry Marketing Committee/US Cranberries. Grant to study how to create demand for Cranberries among Millennial Consumers. Ongoing.

$75,000. Century Council grant to implement campaign from National Student Advertising competition and study its effectiveness in reducing dangerous overconsumption of alcohol on campus. 2010-2012. Completed and submitted March 2012.

$7,500 from alumnus to conduct research on advertising to reduce dangerous over-consumption of alcohol on GW campus.

$8,000 from Boeing Corporation for educational research grant, 2012. Resulted in published plansbooks to client. (student authored/faculty mentored)

$8,000 from Zipcar for educational research grant, 2008. Resulted in published plansbooks to client (student authored/faculty mentored).

Various educational grants received throughout career—approximately $8,000/year.

Internal Grants

$5,000 Funding for REU research and case competition involving Glidden Paint, 2013 $4,000 Funding for REU research and case competition involving Nissan, 2012. $3,500 Funding for REU research and case competition involving JC Penney rebranding, 2011. $3,500 Funding for REU research and case competition involving prevention of binge drinking, Century Council, 2009. Awarded $75,000 gift from Century Council to pursue research on dangerous over consumption of alcohol on university campuses.

Honors and Awards

Awarded Distinguishing Advertising Educator Award from American Advertising Federation, June 2013.

Awarded The Honey Nashman Spark A Life Award for Faculty Member of the Year 2012 Inducted as Visiting Professor at Goteborg Universitet, Sweden, 2010.

Faculty mentor of American Advertising Federation’s Most Promising Minority Ad Student Alumnus, 2010.George Washington University, School of Business Teaching Award, 2008.

Faculty Advisor, District Winner, American Advertising Federation, National Student Advertising Competition, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Honored as mentor of 2006 “Outstanding Marketing Student,” Steven Keating. And 2007, Brian Fernandez.

Faculty Mentor and Nominator of a “Most Promising Minority Advertising Student in America,” 2000 – 2013.

George Washington University Board of Advisors Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award, May 2001.

George Washington University MBA Association Faculty of the Year Award, 2001.

Who’s Who.

Faculty Advisor, National Winner, American Advertising Federation National Student Advertising Competition, 1998.

Faculty Advisor, National Winner, KPMG Peat Marwick MBA Case Competition, 1998.

Appeared on “Good Morning America,” January 1992. Chair of Academic Committee, American Advertising Federation, 1995-1996. Board Member, American Marketing Association/Washington, 1994.

Academic Lt. Governor, District 2, American Advertising Federation, 1993-present. Vice Chair, American Advertising Federation National Academic Committee, July, and 1994-July 1995.

  • Advertising
  • Marketing Communications
  • Internet Marketing and Advertising
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Focus Group Moderation and Training

Contributions to Books

Maddox, Lynda. “Effects of URLs in Advertising.” In Advertising: Principles and Practice, 8th and 9th edition, by Sandra Moriarty, Nancy Mitchell and William Wells, 2008, 2012. Selected as special feature in website support.

Maddox, Lynda. “Preparing a Winning Presentation,” Chapter 12, In Advertising Campaign Strategy: A Guide to Marketing Communications Plans, 2/3, Dryden Press, 1999, 2005.

Maddox, Lynda. Hallmark case used throughout, Advertising: Principles and Practice, by Wm. D. Wells, John Burnett, and Sandra Moriarity. Prentice-Hall, 5/e., 2000.

Maddox, Lynda. “Global Communication in the Car Industry,” to be published in Hånerberg, R., G. Heise and M. Hoffmeister. International Automobile Marketing, (Kassel, Germany: 1995).

Maddox, Lynda and Graff, Lois. “Multi-media and Marketing in the USA,” Grundlagen und Anwend. Wiesbaden, Germany: Gabler Verlag, October 1994.

“A Comparison and Contrast of Swedish and American Advertising,” included in a European marketing text honoring Bo Wickström, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1988.

Academic Journal Articles

Wen Gong, Rodney L. Stump, Lynda M. Maddox, (2013) “Factors influencing consumers’ online shopping in China”, Journal of Asia Business Studies, Vol. 7, #3, pp.214 – 230

Gong, Wen, Lynda M. Maddox, and Rodney L. Stump. “Attitudes Toward Online Shopping: A Comparison of Online Consumers in China and the US,” International Journal of E-Business Development, pp. 28-35, February 2012.

Gong, Wen and Lynda M. Maddox. “Online Buying Decisions in China,” Journal of American Academy of Business, Volume 17, pp. 43-49, September, 2011.

Sanford, Douglas M. Jr. and Lynda Maddox. “Quality or Context? The Management of Interpersonal Relationships in Korea and the US,” in Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review. 2006. (Blind reviewed)

Maddox, Lynda M. and Gong, Wen. “Effects of URLs in Traditional Media Advertising in China,” International Marketing Review, Vol. 22, #6, December 2005, pp. 673-692. (Blind reviewed)

Gong, Wen and Lynda M. Maddox. “Measuring Web Advertising Effectiveness in China: An Empirical Investigation,” Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 43, No. 1, March 2003, pp. 34-49. (Blind reviewed)

Maddox, Lynda M. 1999. “The Use of Pharmaceutical Web Sites for Prescription Drug Information and Product Requests.” Journal of Product and Brand Management. 8:6: 488-501. (Blind reviewed)

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University
M.A., Pennsylvania State University
B.A., Pennsylvania State University

Board for Advisors member for Arctern. Consultant for local, national, and international firms regarding marketing and advertising strategy.

Expert witness and consultant for legal cases, including administrative and civil actions. Provided research, depositions, and expert testimony, including jury trials.

Academic and Professional Association Involvement

American Academy of Advertising, member, reviewer. American Advertising Federation, National and regional academic boards, American Marketing Association. International Advertising Association. International Marketing Trends Conference, North American Planning Committee. Journal of Advertising, Reviewer. Journal of Advertising Education, Editorial Review Board. Journal of Interactive Advertising, Editorial Board Member 2005-2012. Reviewer of several advertising and marketing textbooks. Washington Ad Club, Academic Liaison.

Conference Proceedings (published/blind reviewed).

“Effects of Health Guidelines on Fast Food Restaurant Advertising,” accepted for publication in Proceedings of 2013 International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design, Famagusta, North Cyprus, May 2013 (Co-authored with Debra Derochers).

“Effects of Health Guidelines on Fast Food Restaurant Advertising: Who Responds and How,” Proceedings of 2011 International Marketing Trends Conference, Paris, France, January 2011 (Co-authored with Debra Desrochers).

“Social Media (WEB 2.0) to Physicians: Current Methods and Their Future in the EU,” Proceedings of the 2010 American Academy of Advertising European Conference, Milan, Italy, (Co- authored with Lea Katsanis).

“Online Shopping in China,” Proceedings of the 2009 American Academy of Advertising Asia Pacific Conference, American Academy of Advertising, Beijing, China (Co-authored with Wen Gong).

“Chinese Consumers’ Perceptions About the Effects of Web Addresses,” Proceedings of the 2004 Multicultural Marketing Conference of the Academy of Marketing Science, Academy of Marketing Science, Puebla, Mexico (Co-authored with Wen Gong).

1“Do URLs in Advertising Affect Chinese Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Advertisers?” published in Conference Proceedings of the International Management Development Association (IMDA), Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2004.

“Patient Attitudes Toward Pharmaceutical Industry Patient Educational Materials,” Proceedings of the 2002 Multicultural Marketing Conference of the Academy of Marketing Science, E. Bigné, V. Johar, and S. Hassan (Eds.), (Volume IV). Academy of Marketing Science, Valencia, Spain. (Co- authored with Lea Katsanis).

“Chinese Consumers’ Attitudes toward Web Advertising”, in Sudweeks, Fay and Charles Ess ed.Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication 2002. (Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication, Montreal, Canada, 12-15 July 2002.)