Global MBA Students Prepare to Present Consulting Reports to International Clients

photo - G&EE CAP Panel Presentations Day 2019
April 25, 2019

As the end of the spring semester rapidly approaches, first-year Global MBA students at the GW School of Business (GWSB) are in their final preparations for the 2019 Consulting Abroad Program (CAP) overseas engagement. The students depart in May to present their findings and recommendations in front of their client partners in Germany, Hong Kong and South Africa. To assist in this preparation, GWSB's Global & Experiential Education Office hosted a Panel Presentation Day on Monday, April 22.

During this event, all ten student teams presented their current findings and recommendations to panels of external reviewers including alumni, embassy officials, consultants and GWSB faculty. The judges provided each team with feedback on the content, approach, process, and results of their presentations and the students are expected to utilize this feedback to revise and update their presentations and final deliverables for their clients. Following the presentations, there was a reception to provide students the opportunity to continue to receive feedback and network with the external reviewers and guests as well as celebrate the milestone.

Associate Dean Liesl Riddle announced the winners of the 2019 Rafel Lucea Scholarship at the event. This year’s winners are Eunji Kang and Drew Otto, two first-year GMBA students who have displayed exceptional leadership qualities and a commitment to community. Eunji is currently enrolled in a dual degree JD/MBA program to complement her extensive journalism and business background. She hopes these programs will assist her in pursuing her goals of serving the victims of corporate human rights abuses. Drew has spent a significant amount of time traveling to other countries to experience different cultures and perfect his foreign language skills. Drew has sought out leadership opportunities throughout his travels and experience teaching in a public charter school, and has developed an expertise in productive dialogue, presentation delivery, and project management. These applicants stood out because of their initiative as leaders and their commitment to the communities around them.