Fourth Edition of Performance Management Textbook Published

July 31, 2018

photo - three book covers of Performance ManagementHerman Aguinis, Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar and professor of management, just published the fourth edition of his now classic Performance Management textbook. The book, used in undergraduate and graduate courses in universities worldwide, has been translated into Chinese and Arabic.

The book addresses a “holy grail” in management: How to turn human capital into a source of sustainable competitive advantage. In other words, it gives answers to the following questions: How can firms align organizational, team and individual goals? How can leaders motivate and engage their workforce? How can jobs be designed to enhance individual wellbeing and personal growth?

In writing this fourth edition, Dr. Aguinis gathered more than 2,000 potentially relevant articles and books, and included more than 250 in the volume. Also, the book describes performance management practices at The Gap, Sears, Yahoo, Adobe, the United States Department of Defense, Discover, Google, Airbnb, Sprint, Xerox, Deloitte, GE and many other organizations.

Dr. Aguinis will use his just-published, state-of-the-science textbook to teach a graduate-level performance management course this fall and GWSB students will benefit from learning about the latest research and applications on the topic.