Financial Accounting Capstone Provides Real-World Business Challenges

headshots of students in the accountancy capstone course at GWSB
Students in the accountancy capstone course at the GW School of Business
January 28, 2021

This spring, Global & Experiential Education (G&EE) is working in collaboration with the Department of Accountancy to enhance the accountancy capstone, providing senior accountancy majors at the GW School of Business with an opportunity to engage in a semester-long academic collaboration on a real-world business challenge. The 2021 partner organizations include the Alexander Group, Fenbo, KLA Schools, Sonder, the National Spine Health Foundation, and World Learning.

This initiative provides integral skills-building opportunities for student teams to apply their learning and tackle complex accountancy-based business challenges including KPI design, market expansion, internal controls and tax planning. Through their participation, partner organizations receive gratis and data-driven recommendations for a specific business need, exposure to the latest business tools and techniques from top business students and faculty, and connection to future talent.

Alumni are encouraged to join current partners Rita Roy (MD ‘94 & MS ‘91), CEO of National Spine Health Foundation, Roberto Ortega (BBA ‘14), President and CEO of KLA Schools, and Tom Begley (GMBA ‘18), Market Performance Manager at Sonder, in hosting a future student team at their organization. Please visit our Partner With Us page to learn more and submit a partner project proposal. Interested parties are also welcome to email Global & Experiential Education directly at [email protected].