Digital Storytelling - A Student Guide

The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) is always working to improve its website and social media content, and we need your help. We would like to put a greater emphasis on user-generated content that can be used to dynamically update our website and social media channels — and we want to share your voice and your experiences.

This push for user-generated content benefits both us and you. By selecting our students’ work for publication, we’re able to publish more exciting, engaging content — but this also gives you the opportunity to build your own personal portfolio. Should your work be selected for publication, it can be linked to on your personal website, your resume, your LinkedIn page, and more, giving you a portfolio of work that’s been published by one of the nation’s top academic institutions.

How can you participate? It’s simple: when you take part in a learning experience here or abroad with the GW School of Business, take photos and video with your phone and submit them via the instructions below. We would like you to capture one or more of the following items every day, if possible:

  • One photo. This can depict action, scenery or people - whatever you like. Please provide a caption that includes the date and relevant information about the subject matter (see instructions below).
  • One short video clip (five seconds to thirty seconds). This can be a smile, a handshake, a cheering crowd, a sporting event highlight – anything you think is engaging content that could help define your experience as a GWSB student.
  • One long video clip (30 seconds to a few minutes). Again, this can be anything you think is engaging content: an interaction with locals, something your professor said, part of a meeting, a ride to your site location, or just something that resonated with you throughout your day.

Your professors will have specific requirements when it comes to documenting your learning experience, such as daily blog post submissions. Consult with your professors to find out if the above requirements can substitute for (or be combined with) their requirements, and if so, how.


When taking photos and video, be sure to use the highest resolution setting possible, shoot horizontally (with your phone sideways), and try to frame the shot well. Content that captures action in the moment is great — and if there’s a way to include a GW logo, that’s a plus.

Should you post the content on your personal social media channels, please use the hashtag #GWSB.

To submit your content, simply drop your files into this Google Drive folder. Please add your name, a photo caption, notes, and any other information such as your program or area of study. You can do this by right-clicking on your file after you’ve uploaded it, clicking “view details,” and then scrolling down and clicking on the pencil icon to add a description.

If you have any questions your professor is unable to answer, please email Paul Konz, web lead at the GW School of Business.