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Welcome to the C-Suite!

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August 6th to August 24th

  • Attendance is mandatory and all students are expected to participate in the activities during the program.
  • Please be sure to fill out the New Student Survey. The deadline for completion is May 15.

Before You Arrive: Getting Ready for the GW MBA Program

Once You Are Admitted

Once you’ve paid your deposit, visit our Getting Started page to learn how to claim your GW NetID and set up your email address. Also, join the GMBA Class of 2020 Facebook page so you can start getting to know your classmates.

Check out our clubs and student organizations to start getting to know the GWSB community! Follow us on Twitter!

Plan Your Move to D.C.

Start considering your options and researching move in-dates, prices and neighborhoods. Since we are an urban campus, GW has very limited on-campus housing for graduate students, so be sure to start planning well in advance!

Don’t forget the two essential business school props: a laptop and business attire.


Arrival & GMBA C-Suite Schedule

Get ready! August is a busy time for new GMBA students. Your first weeks at GW will be a whirl of new people and experiences. There’s a lot to do and remember, but with a little preparation you can hit the ground running.

For those of you wishing to brush up more before the start of GMBA C-Suite, we will host an optional Quantitative Bootcamp. The list of topics that will be covered during the QB workshop can be found here.

Prior to the start of the GMBA C-Suite, we invite you to attend a DC tradition, Jazz in the Garden! We will have a section reserved at the National Gallery’s Sculpture Garden on *Friday, August 3. The music starts at 5:00pm*, we will arrive early to ensure we have enough space so please feel free to come meet the us and your fellow classmates! We will have food and drinks and picnic blankets ready, hope to see you there!

GWSB Career Center Summer Schedule

Congratulations on your admission and welcome to The George Washington University School of Business! One of the main reasons an individual pursues an MBA degree is to enhance career prospects. If this is your goal then rest assured that the F. David Fowler Career Center (FDFCC) will be an active partner with you on your career journey.

Career management is a life-long process and success depends largely on how prepared you are for the competition. Your preparation will start early, even before you arrive on campus as you will be engaged in the required Career Roadmap course designed to accelerate your market-readiness for relevant internship opportunities. The deliverables can be completed on Blackboard, an online portal to access course content across all of your classes. If you have any questions about the career deliverables, please contact Jeremy Wood at

Deadlines Approaching:
Please complete the career deliverables within 4 weeks of obtaining your GW email. This timeline will help guide you through your transition from work life back into academia.

Please take note of the following required deadlines:

  • July 16: Final deadline to submit your resume draft to Blackboard to ensure you receive resume review feedback no later than August 1.
  • July 30: Complete all online sessions and InterviewStream assignment.

Career Roadmap Deliverables:

Download a PDF Checklist of Deliverables


Here you will find a checklist and process for the deliverables you will complete on Blackboard this summer.

  1. Claim Your GW Email Address:
    Within a few weeks of claiming your email address, you will be given access to Blackboard. The 7-module online course is titled Career Roadmap Online Sessions. The rest of the deliverables are accessible through Blackboard.
  2. Complete CareerLeader Self-Assessment:
    CareerLeader is an assessment that will give you a strong indication of your core interests, skills and motivations, and predicts career paths you’re likely to enjoy and where you’ll succeed. Login information for CareerLeader is located in Blackboard.
  3. Watch Resume Video:
    The resume video is Session 5 within the Digital Sessions tab on Blackboard. View the resume video before attempting to write your resume in a results-oriented format.
  4. Conduct an audit of your professional achievements.
    Now that you’ve watched the resume tutorial, use this guided exercise to help you think about your professional experiences from a different perspective and help you create strong, results-oriented resume bullets.
  5. Read the Laszlo Bock Article on S-A-R.
  6. Complete ResumeGenius Training:
    This is a quick video tutorial of how to access and use the ResumeGenius system to format your resume.
  7. Submit Resume Draft:
    Submit the first draft of your results-oriented resume under the Assignments tab. You will receive coach feedback within two weeks of submission date. Incorporate feedback and bring 10 copies of your revised resume to Global MBA Institute.
  8. Conduct One Behavioral Interview via InterviewStream.
    InterviewStream is a tool to help you practice your interviewing skills. Conduct and record a video interview before you arrive on campus. We’ll complete the second half of this exercise together during MBA Institute. Detailed instructions can be found on Blackboard.
  9. Complete Online Course:
    The online course is comprised of all the sessions located in the Digital Sessions tab. You will also complete the Session Quizzes. You must achieve a pass rate of 90% or above on each quiz to pass.

Additional Career Readiness Resources:

  • Mentoring and Immersion Program for Consulting (MIP-C):
    MIP-C is a rigorous, two-year program that prepares GWSB Global MBA students to be “interview, employer and client ready” through mentorship and a deep dive into practical consulting tools, skills and cases. This program supports both international and US students, and provides regular interaction with top professionals in the field to ensure students are successful in this demanding industry. If you are interested in applying, you can find more information on the left hand panel in Blackboard.
  • FDFCC Resources Page:
    The FDFCC has numerous online resources available for all our students. These include primers, tips and tricks, samples and general information about industries, job functions, business communications, networking, and many more! The password for this site is in Blackboard.

We hope this gives you a good start for the summer. We look forward to meeting you during the Institute!

Complete the Online Academic Integrity Module

All students admitted to a master’s program at The George Washington (GW) School of Business are required to successfully complete the online academic integrity module.

The Academic Integrity Module will be available on Blackboard on August 1. You will be registered for classes int eh end of June, afterwards you will have Blackboard access, use your NetID (GW email, name before @) and password to sign in.

Complete the Online Academic Integrity Module

Brush-up on Your Quant Skills & Economic Knowledge

Get a head start by watching videos from Khan Academy or enrolling in a MOOC from Coursera, EdX, FutureLearn or Stanford Online.

We have also prepared a playlist on that will help you prepare for your Data Analysis and Decisions class. All GW students have a free membership to Lynda. To sign in:

  1. Click on the menu icon on the top left of the site.
  2. Click “Sign In”.
  3. Then click at the bottom link “Sign in with your organization portal”.
  4. Type in “”.
  5. This will bring you to the GW sign in, put in your NetID and Password.
  6. Proceed to the playlist.