Meet Your Academic Advisors

Your academic advisor will lead you through your course requirements ensuring that you follow procedures and policies necessary to successfully complete your graduate degree. Students are assigned an academic advisor based on their program.

Please note: MBA Dual/Joint degree students are advised by Jeffery Peden (see profile below for contact information). Current Masters students who would like to complete a graduate certificate will be advised by their assigned academic advisor for their degree program.

MBA Advisors

Jeff Peden

Jeff Peden

Assistant Director, MBA Programs
Advises: MBA dual/joint degrees
Primary Contact: Non-GWSB Students Requesting MBA Courses
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 202-994-1489

Specialized Master's Degree Advisors

Jo Jones

Jo Jones

Program Manager, Graduate Programs
Advises: MSGC & Cert. in Capital Markets
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (202) 994-2047

Certificate Advisors

Certificate-only students are advised based on their program area advisor (see profiles above for contact information):

  • Accountancy: Jehan Dixon
  • Business Analytics: Devin Belzer
  • Business Foundations: Jeff Peden
  • Business Information Systems: Hope Hall
  • Hospitality Management: Laura Ortiz Calder
  • Management of Technology and Innovation: Hope Hall
  • Project Management: Agnes Socrates
  • Sport Management: Laura Ortiz Calder
  • All other certificates: contact Laura Ortiz Calder at [email protected]