A Community of Practice

About MIPC

Who We Are & What We Do

The Mentoring and Immersion Program for Consulting is a very strong example of a Community of Practice, which surrounds the student with all stakeholders:

  • Consulting Firms
  • Consulting-Focused Faculty
  • Employers (Consulting Firms, Private Sector Companies)
  • Research and Innovation Centers
  • Business School Leadership

Through the idea of the “flipped classroom,” 85% practice and 15% lecture, participants are immersed in experiential learning in a safe environment to support the goal of ensuring all students are interview, employer, and client ready.

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What Is Interview, Employer, & Client Ready?

Interview, employer, and client readiness are three pillars that influence a student's ability to successfully procure a job in consulting and transition from business school to the workplace.





We ensure that all students are thoroughly prepared for the rigorous interview process, including case and behavioral interviews, by exposing participants to dozens of different case types, fast math and quantitative courses, and myriad behavioral stimulations. Students have the opportunity to participate in numerous case workshops and are given abundant study materials to continue their practice throughout the year.





To guarantee that every student will not only be successful, but also add value to their new firm, we offer courses and workshops designed around success in the workplace. These include hard skills, such as data analysis, quantitative reasoning, and storyboarding, and soft skills like emotional intelligence, design thinking, and networking. MIPC graduates will be able to work in a variety of environments and can take on whatever project needs tackling.





We want all of our students to be wizards when it comes to engaging with and understanding the needs of their client, which is why we spend a lot of time talking about EQ, organizational structure, trust-building, and how to really sell an idea (even the ones that might be a little hard for a client to hear). It sounds easy, but it's one of the biggest challenges consultants face in the field. Our goal is to make sure MIPC participants have enough tools in their arsenal to build relationships with even the most particular of clients.

The MIPC Lifecycle


MIPC is unique due to its cyclical evolution from First Year Mentee, to Second Year Peer Mentor, and finally to Employer Mentor. The knowledge, skills, and tools attained in the program evolve with each participant, are harmoniously combined with real-world experience, and ultimately make their way back to the first-year mentees. Along with the support of additional communities of practice and other stakeholders, all students are interview, employer, and client ready by the time they enter the job market.

The Application Process

The MIPC application process is rigorous, and students who make it into the program are examined in a number of ways:

  • Students are encouraged to apply to the program the summer prior to entering GWSB. The last three application rounds have included nearly half of the incoming MBA class.
  • Resumes, essays, career assessments and letters of intent are reviewed by both the MIPC Director (a former Accenture consultant) and employers in the consulting field, to determine who will move on to the interview process. Approximately 18 students are chosen to interview.
  • The interviews are performed by an employer currently in consulting. Interviews include both a behavioral and case component.

The MIPC Difference

Once students are admitted to the program, they are required to attend a series of in-class sessions and have the unparalleled opportunity to engage with a number of employer mentors from reputable firms comprised of both public and commercial consulting as well as internal strategy consulting. The rigorous two-year program has the following components:

  • 20+ In-Class Sessions Led by Employer Mentors
  • 30+ Mentors (26 Employers, 4 Faculty)
  • Pro Bono/Pro Gratis Project Opportunities
  • 12 First Years
  • 12 Second Years
  • MIPC Certificate Earned in Spring of Second Year

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For more information on our services or to work with us, please fill out the contact form below or email us at mipc@gwu.edu.