Bachelor of Accountancy

The Bachelor of Accountancy offers both specialized knowledge in accounting and a general education leading to a broad understanding of the business world. The program is designed to prepare students for a professional career in accounting as well as graduate study in business, finance, information systems, or law.


Accounting is the management of financial information. Accountants design and implement systems that capture relevant information from the transactions in which an organization engages. The accountant analyzes that information and communicates it to others, answering questions such as: How profitable is this business? How solvent? How risky?

Curriculum Information

For students who enter GWSB beginning Fall 2014 and forward:


Career Options in Accountancy

Every organization with financial records needs accountants. In some cases, students with a Bachelor of Accountancy degree may be able to begin working immediately upon graduation in accounting but some employers require a CPA certification for hiring or promotion and in most states taking the CPA exam requires 150 credit hours. Public accountants audit financial statements and provide tax planning and financial advisory services to their clients. Some accountants who work for corporations are responsible for preparing and maintaining the financial records of the business; others use accounting and other information to help evaluate potential and existing products and projects in order to aid in managerial decision-making. Governmental accountants help to prepare and administer the budgets under which their agencies operate.

Minor Options

GWSB students:

The BAccy degree also allows students to choose a minor outside of the School of Business. Students should consult with the department in which their minor interest is housed to learn more about minor course requirements. They should also consult with their GWSB advisor to insure they will be able to pursue a minor and stay on track towards graduation. Minors can typically be completed within four years for BAccy students if they plan strategically.

  • a list of minors available outside GWSB can be found here.
  • The Minor Declaration Form can be found on the Advising Center’s Forms page.

Non-GWSB Students:

The School of Business offers a minor in Business Administration that can be pursued by undergraduate students whose home school is not GWSB.  The minor requirements can be accessed here.

For students who entered GWSB between Fall 2009 – Summer 2014:


Students who entered GW prior to Fall 2009 should contact a GWSB advisor in order to obtain accurate curriculum requirements.


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