The Rafael Lucea Global Experiential Fund

Consulting Abroad Project
Spring 2018

The Rafael Lucea Global Experiential Fund provides two scholarships in the amount of $1,250 to first year Global MBA students participating in the Consulting Abroad Program who display exceptional leadership qualities and a commitment to community.

The fund was established in 2016 to commemorate the life of the late Dr. Rafael Lucea, a much beloved professor of international business at the George Washington School of Business and one of the first faculty members to lead a Consulting Abroad Project, first to Spain in 2009 and later to Peru in 2012.

Dr. Lucea was known for pushing students beyond their comfort zones to help them develop personally and professionally. He was also much admired for having a zest for life that was contagious. Originally from Spain, Dr. Lucea received his Ph.D. in strategy and international management from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and went on to teach at the GW School of Business until 2015.

Apart from his academic work he was an accomplished swimmer and marathon runner who completed the Boston Marathon, the New York City Marathon and the Pittsburgh Marathon. He is eloquently described by one of his colleagues, Dr. Liesl Riddle, as someone who pushed others to be “a better version of themselves.” It is in this spirit that the Rafael Lucea Global Experiential Fund was founded.


Scholarship Applications


  • Good academic standing
  • Full-time first-year GMBA student

Interested students are invited to submit an application by 6pm on March 30th, 2018, consisting of a submission of their resume and a 750-word essay that addresses the following prompts:

Essay Requirement: Please answer question 1 or 2 and question 3.

What kind of leadership is necessary today to solve significant challenges involving economic, civic and social spheres of society? How might we develop such leaders?

Identify one major societal challenge that involves people, the planet and profit. How might we solve this problem?

In addition to answering question 1 or 2, please describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability in your academic or professional experience, and your community.

Students will be selected on the basis of a demonstrated commitment to exceptional leadership or service in business, society and/or political arenas and a commitment to community.

Please send submissions to: [email protected]