Scheduling Policies

Confirmations & Cancellations

Confirmations: Your reservation is not complete until you receive email confirmation. If you did not receive a confirmation please contact us at [email protected].

Cancellations: If an event is cancelled, requires modification, or rescheduling, immediately notify the Office of Facility Services and Events at [email protected].

Scheduling Policies

  1. Events may not be scheduled within Duquès and Funger Hall complex on Sundays or holidays as the building is officially closed. The University Student Center, Gelman Library and the Academic Center are the only buildings with rooms available on Sundays or major holidays.
  2. Classes may not be scheduled in rooms administered by the Office of Facility Services and Events. Exceptions will only be made for classes that do not follow the University’s standard format and for which the University’s Scheduling Office will not provide a classroom. Contact the Director of Scheduling for questions regarding class scheduling at [email protected]. Catering for 6th floor Duquès and Funger Hall events must be arranged through the Office of Facility Services and Events.
  3. To ensure all students have fair access to campus facilities, repeat reservations may not exceed two weeks (e.g., you cannot reserve the same room at the same time every week for the whole semester).

Read the Duquès and Funger Hall complex guidelines