Academic Program

The on campus MTA program is comprised of 36 credit hours

Students can complete the program with full-time study in one and a half to two years, or within 3 years if studying part-time. There are 4 areas of concentration from which to choose or students may design their own individualized concentration.

Through classroom and field-based learning experiences, students in the Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) program prepare for international management positions in tourism, hospitality, sport management and event and meeting management. Our location in the nation’s capital, serves as a vast classroom with immense opportunities for practical experience, professional networking, and career development.

Students concentrate their studies in one of four areas:

Students also have the option to develop individualized concentrations focusing on ecotourism or heritage tourism. The program welcomes students who wish to advance current careers or pursue new careers in the industry.



The MTA program is 36 credit hours long. Some students may be eligible for advanced academic standing, which allows them to complete the program with less than 36 credit hours.

Three-credit courses are a full semester long (14 weeks). Courses that are 1.5 credits are seven weeks in length and are offered either in the first or second half of a semester.


Students typically complete degree requirements in the following time frames:

  • Part-Time: 24-36 months
  • Full-Time: 18-24 months


Students take:
  • 3 required core courses (9 credits)
  • 4 concentration courses (12 credits)
  • 2  capstone courses (6 credits)
  • 9 credits of electives

Students may also develop alternative concentrations with specialized focus areas that include Ecotourism or Cultural-Heritage Tourism.

Descriptions of each course can be found here.

Course # Course Title Credits
Required Core: (3 Courses, 9 Credits)
TSTD 6249 Sustainable Destination Management 3.0
TSTD 6251 Quantitative Applications in Tourism/Hospitality Management 3.0
TSTD 6270 Tourism Research 3.0
Concentration Electives: (pick one of the following 4 options)
Event & Meeting Management: (4 Courses, 12 Credits)
TSTD 6276 Risk Management for Event & Meeting Industry 3.0
TSTD 6277 Event Management 3.0
TSTD 6278 Conference and Exposition Management 3.0
TSTD 6279 Event Entertainment Management 3.0
Hospitality Management: (4 Courses, 12 Credits)
TSTD 6220 International Hotel Management 3.0
TSTD 6221 Hotel/Resort Market Analyses 3.0
TSTD 6290 Relationship Management in Hospitality 3.0
TSTD 6296 Travel Information Management Systems 3.0
Sports Management: (4 Courses, 12 Credits)
TSTD 6264 Sport Marketing 3.0
TSTD 6265 Sport Law: Contracts and Negotiations 3.0
TSTD 6266 Sport and Event Facility Management 3.0
TSTD 6267 Sport Media and Communications 3.0
Sustainable Tourism Management: (5 Courses, 12 Credits)
TSTD 6250 Destination Management 1.5
TSTD 6260 Destination Economics 3.0
TSTD 6261 Destination Planning 3.0
TSTD 6262 Destination Policy Analysis 1.5
TSTD 6263 Destination Marketing 3.0
Required Electives (3 courses, 9 credits)
Elective 1 3.0
Elective 2 3.0
Elective 3 3.0
Required Capstone Courses (2 Courses, 6 Credits)
TSTD 6283 Practicum 3.0
TSTD 6297 Advanced Topical Studies 3.0
TSTD 6998 Thesis Seminar 3.0
TSTD 6999 Thesis Research 3.0