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The Financial Literacy Seminar Series

Presented by:
The George Washington University School of Business
The Federal Reserve Board

The Financial Literacy Seminar Series (FLSS), a joint initiative between the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the George Washington University School of Business, brings together academics, practitioners, policymakers, and other experts to present and discuss cutting-edge research on financial literacy.

The FLSS has been developed to engage professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives to foster a medium for confronting key financial literacy issues and challenges.The FLSS offers twelve seminars per academic year.

To see a list of the seminar speakers, please click here.

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The Steering Committee:
Annamaria Lusardi, GWSB
John Sabelhaus, FRB
Kristen Burnell, GWSB
Laura Feiveson, FRB
Joanne Hsu, FRB
Ellen Merry, FRB
Doriana Ruffino, FRB
Max Schmeiser, FRB
Kamila Sommer, FRB