Individualized Field of Study


The career objectives of most BBA students can be easily met by one of the six standard BBA concentrations, in which case pursuing an Individualized Field of study is not recommended. The purpose of the Individualized Field of concentration is to assist students who have a clear career objective that falls outside of the six standard BBA concentrations.

Program of Study

The program of study for Individualized Fields varies greatly depending on the individual student. As part of the application process, the student must create a proposal composed of the following core requirements:

For students who entered GWSB between Fall 2009 – Summer 2014:

  • one Analytical Tools Elective
  • five Field Courses
  • one Field-Related Elective

For students entering GWSB in Fall 2014 or after:

  • five Field Courses
  • one International Focus Field Course

Past GWSB students have pursued Individualized Fields in the following areas

  • Entrepreneurship and/or Small Business Management
  • Health Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Performing Arts Management
  • Real Estate Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Application Criteria

  • GWSB students must have a 3.2 or higher cumulative GPA in order to submit an Individualized Field proposal.
  • Proposals must be submitted by the start of the second semester of Junior year.
  • Complete criteria and directions can be found in the Individualized Field Application.

Application Process

  • Step 1: Students should first explore all six standard BBA concentrations to be certain that their career objectives cannot be achieved through one of those options.
  • Step 2: If the student believes the Individualized Field option is a route they want to pursue, they should set up an appointment with the GWSB advisor who oversees Individualized Fields in order to be sure they understand the application criteria and process.
  • Step 3: Students should research the Individualized Field that they intend to propose. This should include interviewing a professional in that field, obtaining program information from other universities that offer a similar program, and speaking with GWSB faculty members about potential opportunities in that field. As students are conducting their research, they will need to find a GWSB faculty sponsor. Students will then need to meet with their faculty sponsor(s) to discuss their research and outline their potential proposal.
  • Step 4: After the initial meeting with their faculty sponsor(s), students must write their Individualized Field proposal using the application. Upon completion, their faculty sponsor(s) must review and sign the proposal in order for it to be submitted.
  • Step 5: The student submits their completed application and supporting documentation to the GWSB advisor who oversees Individualized Fields. The advisor will review the application in order to insure that it is complete.
  • Step 6: Completed applications will then be sent to the Individualized Field Faculty Review Committee; the faculty committee will use the student’s specific career goals and proposed coursework to determine the appropriateness of an Individualized Field in the chosen area. The committee may request additional information and/or may suggest changes to the proposal.
  • Step 7: The GWSB advisor will communicate the decision of the faculty committee to the student. The review process typically takes 2-3 weeks, but can sometimes take longer (particularly during the summer months).

Important note

The Individualized Field application process typically takes 10-12 weeks from initial research to receiving the committee’s decision; therefore, it is imperative that students start this process no later than the start of their junior year. Students are advised not to take proposed courses prior to approval of the Individualized Field.


Students who have questions about the Individualized Field option should call the GWSB Advising Center to schedule an appointment with the advisor who oversees Individualized Fields: 202.994.7027.