Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree offers general management preparation with an opportunity for specialization in a specific field of business.

It represents a careful balance of structure and choice, with flexibility that allows students to tailor their programs to reflect the individual career goals they have selected. While each student takes the same basic business core classes, many of the general education courses and courses in the field of concentration are individually selected to suit each student.

Curriculum Information

For students who entered GWSB between Fall 2009 – Summer 2014:

For students who enter GWSB beginning Fall 2014:

Students who entered GW prior to Fall 2009 should contact their GWSB advisor in order to obtain accurate curriculum requirements.

BBA Concentration Options

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree must pursue one area of concentration; they also have the option of pursuing a second concentration. The concentration courses are typically completed during the junior and senior years. Students need to declare their concentration(s) by the end of their sophomore year by consulting with their GWSB advisor.

During the first year, all GWSB students are encouraged to complete the same set of requirements, regardless of the degree they choose to pursue. This gives our students an opportunity to explore and research their degree options. Students that are interested in the Bachelor of Science in Finance must take MATH 1231 and MATH 1232 during their first year.

Minor and second major options for GWSB students:

All GWSB degrees allow students to choose a minor or second major outside of the School of Business. BBA students entering Fall 2014 or later are required to complete a minor outside of the School of Business; all BS students are required to complete a second major outside the School of Business; BAccy students are not required to do either, but are able to. Students should consult with the department in which their study of interest is housed to learn more about minor/major course requirements. They should also consult with their GWSB advisor to ensure they will be able to pursue a minor/major and stay on track towards graduation. Declaration Forms can be found on the Advising Center’s Forms page.

Review GW’s Center for Career Services’ Career Option Sheets to become familiar with how your minor or second major option relates to sample occupations, potential topics, work settings, student organizations, professional associations, online resources and key skills needed in specific industries.


Non-GWSB students can study in the School of Business through two ways:

  • The School of Business offers one minor for non-GWSB students:
  • The School of Business offers one major for non-GWSB students:

If you need assistance with selecting your degree, major, concentration, and/or minor, please schedule an appointment with a GWSB advisor.