Mission and Learning Goals


To provide a superior, state of-the-art, graduate educational experience that elevates students’ knowledge and expertise, enabling them serve as leaders, educators, practitioners, and activists in the project management field.

Learning Goals

  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Project Management Core Principles: Provide students with a comprehensive foundation in the principles of project management that influence performance at all levels of an organization.
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: Provide students transferable skills that incorporate a mixture of core concepts with knowledge and understanding in problem solving, critical and system thinking, communication, and team building.
  • Team Management and Effectiveness: Provide students with a solid theoretical understanding and the ability to apply relevant methods for making complex decisions in business and project management by identifying objectives and alternatives, setting priorities, allocating resources, planning, scheduling, estimating, ensuring quality, managing risk, resolving conflict, and making effective group decisions.
  • Practical Application to Any Management Situation: Provide students with the ability to synthesize project management theory and methods to apply them to any domain.