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Q: Are applicants required to have project management experience to qualify for admission to the MSPM program?

Applicants are not required to currently work in a project management position; however those who have exposure to the project management profession are more likely to succeed in the program. We should also note that our program is industry independent. As such, the knowledge gained from the program may be applied to projects in any industry or sector.

Q. What is the protocol to send transcripts from a foreign school?

Applicants who attended a university or college outside of the United States are required to submit a formal transcript evaluation. Details on validation of international credentials for graduate admissions at GW are available here. These evaluations must be received by the program before an application will be considered complete.

Q. What is Advanced Academic Standing and how do students qualify for it?

Advanced Academic Standing (AAS) refers to waivers of required credit hours. Applicants who qualify will be eligible complete the MSPM degree program by taking less than 36 credit hours.

Qualifications for AAS include in the following:

  1. Students with a current PMP® certification from PMI are eligible to waive up to 3 credit hours.
  2. Students with previous graduate coursework completed at a regionally accredited college or university within the past 5 years that earned a grade of B or higher and is equivalent to core, non-elective courses in the MSPM program. Up to 6 credit hours may be waived.
  3. Students who have completed the Master’s Certificate in Project Management offered by ESI International, in conjunction with The George Washington University, within the past 5 years. Applicants who earned the Master’s Certificate in IT Project Management are not eligible to receive a credit waiver. Up to 9 credit hours waived.

The maximum total number of credit hours that may be waived is 9 and is reserved for those who have completed the Master’s Certificate in Project Management through ESI International. The maximum total number of credit hours that may be waived for those who have not completed the certificate program is 6. To receive AAS, students must apply prior to the first day of their first semester in the MSPM program. The appropriate documentation (transcripts, certificates, syllabi, etc.) must accompany the completed application.

Q. How long does it take to reach an admission decision?

Once the application file has been marked complete, it is then submitted to the admissions committee for review. Most applicants receive the admissions decision within two to three weeks via the online application.


Program and Schedule

Q. If attending part-time, how many credit hours do I take each semester and how long will it take me to complete the degree program?

Students attending part-time usually enroll in 3-6 credit hours each semester. Part-time students must decide what credit load is appropriate given their professional and personal commitments. Each student will meet with the program director, who also serves as their academic advisor, to discuss their individual commitments and goals to develop a personalized degree plan.

Students have up to five years to complete the program and are required to enroll in courses in the fall and spring semesters, however enrollment in the summer semester is optional.

Q. When do classes meet?

On-campus classes are scheduled in the evenings during the week on the Foggy Bottom campus. The on-campus lectures, which are 2.5 hours in length, are recorded and made available to those enrolled in the distance program following completion of the lecture. Distance students have flexibility over when they watch the recorded lectures. The distance students also participate in a weekly hour-long synchronous session with the professor using Blackboard. These virtual classroom sessions, which are recorded, are scheduled in the evenings, usually between 8pm and 10pm.

Q. May individuals not currently enrolled at GW register for MSPM courses?

GW offers the option to enroll as a non-degree student. Non-degree students must first apply to the Office of Non-Degree Students. Once admitted, submit a Registration Transaction Form to the MSPM program director for placement on the wait list and approval to enroll in the desired MSPM course. Students must meet all course prerequisites.

Students who plan on applying to the program after taking MSPM courses as a non-degree student may be eligible for Advanced Academic Standing.


Joint MBA and MSPM Degree

Q. If I am currently an MSPM or MBA student, can I still apply?

Students currently enrolled in either the MSPM or MBA program may apply for the joint degree program no later than 2 years after starting their initial program or prior to completion of 24 credit hours, whichever comes first. Students must complete the joint MBA and MSPM degree program requirements in 7 years.

Q. Are the admission criteria different for current students? Will admission into one program guarantee admission into the second?

Applicants must meet the specific qualifications for admission and the application requirements for each program. The applicant will submit an application for the MBA program and an application for the MSPM program. Admission into one program does not guarantee admission into another.

Current students are eligible to waive the application fee and may be able to request that the programs share copies of the official transcripts submitted with the application for the original program. All other application materials must be submitted for each application.


Q. Who will be my advisor?

Students are assigned an advisor for each program and will work with both advisers to develop a degree plan and to track their progress during their time at the GW School of Business.

Q. Is the joint degree program available online?

The Online MBA and the Healthcare MBA degree programs are available options to those pursuing the MSPM degree via distance.

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Distance Learning

Q. Are distance students required to participate in any on-campus residency events?

Distance students are required to travel to Washington, D.C., twice during the program. Students attend a mandatory two-day orientation prior to the start of the program. The students will then return to campus for a five-day residency at the conclusion of the DNSC 6269 Project Management Application (Capstone) course. Students are responsible for the financial commitments of traveling to Washington, D.C., for both events.