Master of Science in Finance

Open New Doors to the World of Finance

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program at the George Washington University is a unique opportunity to further your education in the field of finance. It combines the finest of both programs in financial engineering and master’s in finance. With today’s job market, the demand is shifting towards having a quantitative background with an ability to understand financial markets, policies and strategies.

Build On Past Experience

The MSF Program, which builds upon a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration or other quantitative disciplines, emphasizes both financial theory and quantitative methods in financial management. Students engage in applied research and modeling, learning the tools of econometrics with a using a variety of large professional databases and computer software packages. They also explore the international and regulatory dimensions of finance, focusing on risk management, financial engineering, commercial and investment banking, corporate finance, real estate, and portfolio analysis and management.

Create A Global Network

The MSF Program attracts both domestic and international individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, facilitating endless global networking possibilities. The program’s unique structure promotes employment in a variety of prestigious financial institutions in the U.S. and abroad. Students can choose to pursue their degree on a full-time, one-year track or, for those currently in the workforce, on a part-time track over two years.

A Message from the Associate Dean

Our Master of Science in Finance program produces leaders in the field of finance. The program focuses on risk management, financial engineering, banking, corporate finance, and portfolio analysis and management. It has been designed to combine quantitative and computer skills with financial theory and applications.

Not only is our master’s program known for its outstanding curriculum, but the caliber of our student body is top quality. As a potential candidate, you should recognize that admission is highly competitive and we select only those students who appear most likely to succeed in meeting the challenges of our demanding and rigorous program.

Financial expertise, in-depth knowledge and practical hands-on training have become crucial for the success of companies and for the careers of working professionals. It is for this reason that the MSF program at the George Washington University was introduced in 1993. Students complete the degree in 12 months by attending the intensive program or in 24 months by attending the regular program.

Going through this website will give you a clear idea of the time and effort necessary to attain the MSF degree at GW. You will see that the personal investment involved is considerable, but our experience suggests that the benefits are long-term and significant. If you are an employer considering sponsoring people in the program, you should view this as you would any other investment. The costs are far outweighed by the benefits of having a highly trained, competent finance professional on your staff.

Contact MSF

Contact the Master of Science in Finance Program

George Jabbour, PhD

George M. Jabbour
Associate Dean of Executive Education
Professor of Finance

P: (202) 994-3879
O: Funger Hall, Suite 501 • 2201 G St. NW • Washington, DC 20052