Mission & Learning Goals

Master of Science in Finance Mission

The MSF Program aspires to produce professionals who are capable of critically analyzing and questioning knowledge claims in finance. The Program aims to equip its graduates with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions in an increasingly complex global environment and with the skills to apply and communicate this knowledge, even in new and unfamiliar circumstances.

Learning Goals

  1. Integrated Ethical, Institutional and Geographical Conceptual Orientation:
    Prepare students for an advanced professional career in finance, with a foundation in the legal and ethical standards needed to operate effectively in an increasingly integrated and complex global environment.
  2. Technical Rigor:
    Develop students’ professional competence in the increasingly technical demands of financial decision making.
  3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:
    Equip graduates with the skills necessary to apply their knowledge, even in new and unfamiliar circumstances.
  4. Oral & Written Communications:
    Imbue graduates with the ability to communicate the products of financial reasoning and research to professional peers, as well as to the members of the larger stakeholder community.