Concentrations & Certificates

At GW, we don’t believe an MBA should be one-size-fits-all. Thats why we offer various concentrations, certificates, and professional certificates so students can customize their MBA academic experience and program.



Professional Certificates:


Accounting and Advisory Services

Accounting is the management of financial information to provide organizations with the vital financial information they need to function, compete, and succeed. The Accounting and Advisory Services Concentration educates students how to access and analyze financial information and present it to clients in a meaningful and useful format, answering questions such as: “How profitable is this business? How solvent? How risky?” This concentration prepares students to function and prosper in the in-demand field of accounting advisory services.

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The Consulting concentration prepares students to enter this fast-growing and lucrative part of the modern economy. With an emphasis on key consulting competencies, this concentration includes courses specifically designed and delivered to broaden students’ understanding of the purpose and function of consulting, provide real-world exposure to the discipline via practicums, and hone interpersonal skills related to effective intervention. The concentration includes a two-course sequence covering client engagement, proposal writing, needs assessment, program design, and outcome demonstration.

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Students pursuing the concentration in Entrepreneurship examine the motivations, reasons, and methods involved in becoming an “entrepreneur” or “social entrepreneur.” Courses focus on the entrepreneurial mindset and explore in detail how new successful business ideas are formed and put in practice. The program also spotlights the use of entrepreneurship to address social problems and advance peace through free-market enterprise. Instruction combines theory and real-world experiences of entrepreneurs in all organizational settings – large, small, public and private.

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This concentration provides MBA candidates with a graduate-level understanding of finance, including the analytical tools and conceptual framework needed to evaluate financial transactions and firms and make financial decisions. The program helps tomorrow’s business leaders to understand finance from three interrelated perspectives:

  1. Financial management related to capital budgeting, financial structure, financial analysis, working capital management, and dividend policy
  2. Investment and portfolio management related to the valuation of stocks, bonds, and derivative contracts and the construction of efficient portfolios
  3. Money and capital market related to the issuance and investment in financial instruments by banking organizations with emphasis on the consequence of interest rates and interest rate structure on valuation and risk


Global Management

This concentration will help prepare MBA candidates to succeed and lead in today’s global economy. Candidates have the option of choosing an International Business or an International Development focus. Available electives include: International Reporting and Control, Global Corporate Responsibility, and Topics in International Economics & Finance (on the international business track) or Regional Marketing Systems, Currency Crises in Emerging Markets, and Corruption, Development & Governance (development track). Candidates completing the Global Management Concentration will be well equipped to do business on a global level.


Government Contracts

Students selecting the Government Contracts concentration attend classes at GW Law School, as part of the world’s leading government procurement law program. This concentration provides students with a solid foundation in public procurement laws, regulations, policies, and best practices within U.S. federal, state, and local governments, and in foreign government procurement practices. The 12-credit concentration includes required courses on the formation of government contracts and the performance of government contracts. Students also select from courses in marketing, pricing, negotiations, intellectual property, anti-corruption, and international business and foreign contracts.

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Information Systems Technology Management

The concentration in Information Systems and Technology Management provides MBA candidates with executive-level insight into the components and operations of information technology and information systems. Program coursework focuses on developing an advanced understanding of the IS/IT-specific skills and knowledge needed to lead in the digital information age.


Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing

Technology continues to drive business in the 21st century, and mastery of digital marketing operations and techniques is a prerequisite for success. MBA candidates in the concentration in Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing take required courses in Electronic Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications/Advertising, together with electives from either a Digital Marketing or Marketing Communications track. Digital Marketing electives include: Marketing Metrics, Data Mining, and Marketing Research.  Electives in the Marketing Communications track include Buyer Behavior, Strategic Brand Management, and Selling and Sales Management.


Project Management

Thorough analysis, careful planning, and logical execution are critical to the successful completion of any project. This concentration provides MBA candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to manage major projects from conception to implementation. The concentration in Project Management consists of two required courses: Intro to Project Management and Planning & Scheduling; and a selection of electives that includes: Executive Decision Making, Cost Estimation & Control, and Risk Analysis.


Sports Management

Sports is big business – and as with all business, the proper understanding and application of proven practices can mean the difference between profitability and loss, and success and failure. This program guides candidates seeking a successful career in the business of sports through the ins and outs of this increasingly complex – and lucrative – industry. The MBA concentration in sport management consists of required courses in sports management, sports marketing and sports law (contracts and negotiations), and a choice of electives ranging from sports media and communications to sport and event facility management to issues in global sport governance.



Over one billion people around the world travel each year. Tourism is now one of the leading industries in the world and professional opportunities abound in this business sector. The MBA concentration in Tourism focuses on sustainable management with instruction that stresses how to optimize tourism’s contribution to economic development, preserve cultural and natural resources in communities around the world, and minimize the negative impact of tourism on environment and society. The concentration offers real-world learning opportunities to help candidates recognize and manage the issues influencing the fast-growing world of tourism.

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Certificate in Responsible Management

The Certificate in Responsible Management (CRM) program is designed to enhance the preparation of students as responsible leaders. The CRM offers students the opportunity to participate in seminars, projects, courses, and service in a variety of topic areas such as Global Strategy, Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, International Development, Peace, Energy and Environment. These tasks are designed to prepare students for leadership roles in the modern world and offer students the knowledge, diverse proficiencies, and the skill set necessary to succeed in an era of governmental, industry, and consumer oversight.

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Certificate in Nonprofit Management

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management provides an overview of central concepts in managing nonprofit organizations and is intended to meet the needs of students seeking a focused experience in order to prepare for or advance their careers in the nonprofit sector. It may be appropriate for students who seek to expand their knowledge but who do not wish to commit to a master’s degree program.


Professional Certificates

Certificate in Walkable Urban Real Estate Development

Walkable urban real estate development and place management is the future of the industry. Metropolitan Washington has more examples of walkable urbanism than any other region in the country. So it is natural that GW’s Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis offers a certificate in this emerging approach to development as well as the strategy and management of these places. A 16.5-credit certificate program, it is intended to provide the necessary skills, insights, and connections for future career opportunities. As an add-on to a GW business degree, the certificate provides future employers with the confidence that you are equipped to take on the unique challenges of 21st century real estate and place management.

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Sports Philanthropy Executive Certificate

The first and only of its kind, the Certificate in Sports Philanthropy program provides a groundbreaking online curriculum for professionals involved in any sports-related field, from pro teams to athlete foundations. The program focuses on corporate social responsibility, nonprofits using sports for social good, and organizations looking to enter the field. Built around your busy schedule, the certificate includes 12 core, online courses and in-person residency at the beginning of the program. The residency will be held in a location where best practices in sports philanthropy firsthand.This residency will not only provide an opportunity for experiential learning but allow time to meet fellow students and exchange ideas.

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Certified Sports Administrator (CSA) Certificate

The rapidly changing sports market is requiring more sophisticated marketing and greater fiscal responsibility from sports organizations and management. At the same time, youth sports managers do not often have the time, resources or opportunity to earn an advanced management degree or receive relevant management training.

The National Council of Youth Sports has partnered with the GW School of Business to develop a customized, flexible and affordable educational program that provides needed management-related courses that are ideal for youth sports administrators, managers, volunteers, and coaches who do not have the time to attend an in-person, classroom program. The Certified Sports Administrator program was designed with convenience in mind. Students have three months to complete each course online. Users can bookmark their spots so they can exit and re-enter the course. It’s accessible 24 hours a day, and online learning gives users the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

Courses offered are:

  • Marketing Sports Organizations
  • Sponsorship & Negotiations
  • Risk Management
  • Event Management
  • Funding Sports Organizations
  • Management & Leadership of Sports Organizations

Completion of all six courses is required for the Certified Sports Administrator certificate.

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