Studying Abroad as a GWSB Student

Why should I study abroad?

There are unlimited reasons why you should study abroad while a student! But some of the most valuable reasons are:

  • Broaden your firsthand experience with other cultures and viewpoints
  • Meet people from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Gain new insights and perspectives while building new relationships
  • Discover new talents and career interests
  • Expand your employment qualifications and opportunities
  • Learn a new language
  • Engage with business students in an international setting

Who do I talk to about studying abroad?

1. You should visit the Office for Study Abroad in Colonial Crossroads (Marvin Center, 5th Floor).  OSA can assist you with:

  • Beginning stages – discussing program types, location and culture abroad
  • Discussing programs that meet your academic needs
  • Narrowing down programs and discussing your goals in relation to abroad
  • Tier structure/financing study abroad and scholarship opportunities
  • Transferring credits back to GW
  • Application information and deadlines

Students are encouraged to visit Study Abroad Express Advising or Open Advising hours before scheduling an appointment with Vanessa Rappleyea-Otto, OSA’s advisor for GWSB students.  Click here to read about OSA’s Advising Services options and times.

2. GWSB Advisors in the Advising Center can assist you with:

  • Reviewing your degree requirements
  • Seeing if/when studying abroad is an option with your curriculum
  • Suggesting what courses to look for abroad and reserve for GW
  • Resources for the course approval process

You can request an appointment with a GWSB advisor here. Please note that we will not advise on study abroad during Express Advising.