Countdown to Commencement

GWSB Seniors, are you on track for graduation?

Step 1: Submit your Application for Graduation on time!

  • Before you apply, you must finalize your concentration(s) and minor(s).
    Have you been meaning to declare a minor for years? View your unofficial transcript in GWeb to confirm what you have declared.If you have not declared your BBA concentration or would like to drop a concentration and/or minor, email your GWSB advisor with that request.  If you have not declared your minor, submit a completed Minor Field Application to the Advising Center.

Once you confirm your unofficial transcript reflects the correct information, follow the steps below.

If you are planning to graduate in December 2015

  • If you complete your application by Friday, September 18, your GWSB advisor will review your academic record by September 25 (the end of the Fall 2015 add/drop period) and will notify you if any problems are identified with your fall schedule and completion of your degree requirements.

If you are planning to graduate in May 2016

  • You will be able to complete the online Graduation Application after you register for Spring 2016 courses in mid-November 2015.
  • If you complete your application by Monday, December 7, 2015, your GWSB advisor will review your academic record before February 5, 2016, (the end of the Spring 2016 add/drop period) and will notify you if any problems are identified with your spring schedule and completion of your degree requirements.
  • Please note that your application must be submitted before March 15 in order to appear in the May Commencement brochure.

If you are planning to graduate in August 2016

  • You will be able to complete the online Graduation Application after you register for Summer 2016 courses.
  • Complete the online Graduation Application by March 15, 2016, if you plan to participate in the May Commencement activities or by July 1, 2016, in order to avoid a late fee.
  • Please note that if you apply for August 2016 graduation between March 15 and July 1, your name will not appear in the May 2016 Commencement Brochure. Your application must be submitted before March 15 in order to appear in the brochure.

Step 2: Review your DegreeMAP worksheet ASAP to see if you are on track to complete all degree requirements.

Click here for directions on logging into DegreeMAP. Once logged into your Worksheet, click below for the specifics you should review:

A) Are your degree, major/concentration, & minor information correct?
This is found in the first section where your name & GPA are listed. If your degree or concentration are incorrect/incomplete, contact your GWSB advisor ASAP; until this is corrected, you cannot accurately complete Item B below.  If you are still planning to declare a Minor, use the Minor Declaration Form and meet with the appropriate faculty member in your minor department to complete it; turn the signed form into the GWSB Advising Center.

B) Which requirements do you still need to complete?

  • Degree requirements highlighted in Blue are classes “in progress”; this will include your Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 classes until final grades are posted, as well as any classes that are missing final grades from previous semesters.  If you have missing grades or Incompletes, you should contact your professor ASAP to resolve your grade.
  • Degree requirements highlighted in Red are classes that still need to be completed in order for you to graduate (ie – in Spring 2016 if you are planning to graduate in May 2016). Make a list of the requirements in Red: will you be able to complete all of them in one semester (ie – is the total 18 credits or less)? Have you completed all pre-req’s for remaining classes? (Refer to the Bulletin for pre-req info.) If you think that something highlighted in Red is incorrect, refer to Recommendation #3 below.

C) Are you taking any classes this fall that are NOT fulfilling requirements?
Scroll down to the end of your Worksheet. Any classes (past or present) that do not fulfill degree requirements will be listed in a category called “Fallthrough Courses,” which would appear just below the School of Business Electives. If you have questions about anything listed in Fallthrough, refer to Recommendation #3 below.

D) If you studied abroad, do your abroad credits show up on your record?
If your abroad credits have been applied to your GW record, they will be listed in your DegreeMAP worksheet. If you don’t see them, you should have received information from the Office for Study Abroad about possible missing course approvals or transcripts. If you have questions about abroad credits, contact the Advising Center to set up an appointment with a GWSB Study Abroad advisor; review of abroad credit situations will NOT be available during Express Advising or via email.

E) Are you on track to earn a cumulative and major GPA that are both 2.0 or higher?

GWSB students must earn a 2.0 GPA or higher, both overall and in their major courses.  Your cumulative GPA is found at the top of your DegreeMAP worksheet.
Your major GPA is listed in the “Bachelor of Business Administration GPA Block” for BBA students and in the “Major in Accountancy” block for BAccy students.

Step 3: When in doubt, schedule an appointment with your GWSB advisor!

Completion of degree requirements is your responsibility as a student, and the Advising Team is here to serve as a resource if you have questions about those requirements. Advising is NOT available via email, but we would be glad to talk with you in person during a scheduled appointment. Not sure who your advisor is? Refer to our staff listing. Click here to schedule an appointment.

 Step 4: Pick Up Your Tickets and Prepare for GWSB’s Graduation Events!

GWSB Commencement Week Celebration Information, here!


All students must complete the 2016 survey to obtain their tickets. This survey is required by the University. The Survey will be available in March.

2016 Graduation Survey

(link coming soon)

This survey is designed to help GW learn more about the experiences and future plans of our students. Your answers will be used to evaluate existing programs, to design new ones, and to advise current and future students. This survey will take about 15 minutes of your time. All responses are confidential. Thank you for your help on this important project. Click the survey in your level for your version of survey as graduate student or undergraduate student. For any undergraduates who have more than one major, please take the survey of the school in which you will be participating in that school’s Celebration.

Bring a copy of your survey email confirmation of the completed survey with you when you pick up your Commencement and School Celebration tickets.

Ticket Distribution Schedule