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Recruit at GWSB

  • The F. David Fowler Career Center of the GW School of Business and the George Washington University Career Center both leverage a shared recruiting management system called GWork, powered by Symplicity.

    GWork is designed to streamline your recruitment of GW students. Using your GWork account you can post a job, schedule interviews and company presentations, register for career fairs, and view resume books.

    Logging in to your account:

    If you are a new employer, click on the “Register” tab to create a new registration. Your Username is your email address. You will receive an email containing your Password for future logins.

    If you are a returning employer, enter your email address as your Username. If you have forgotten your password, please select the “Forgot my Password” tab at the top. Within a few minutes, you will be sent an email with your new password. Once you login, you will be directed to the employer “home” page.

  • The F. David Fowler Career Center uses an online recruitment system called GWork to give you access to students and alumni. Over 10,000 undergrads, grads and, alumni use GWorkSB to search for full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities.

    Click here to post your job on GWork (free).

    From “home”, click on “Create a Non-OCR Job Posting” quicklink - you will be directed to the job postings page.

  • Log in to GWork •

    Recruiters will be instructed to log into GWork to request an on-campus recruiting date. Upon logging in, and from your homepage, please click on the link, “Request a date for on-campus interviews” to begin the process.

    Note: Please keep in mind that October dates tend to fill up quickly - usually by early summer - so if you are wishing to schedule a date during this time, do so early!

    Complete the following fields in the request form:

    • ON-CAMPUS RECRUITING (OCR) MODEL - Please select the OCR model that you will want to use. You can choose from Pre-select, Pre-select to Alternate, or Resume Collect.

    • INTERVIEW DATE - On the right hand side of the page, you will see all of the interview rooms available by date. Please refer to the day which can accommodate your schedule request(s) and select it in the drop down menu.  Note – this does not guarantee room availability as the system does not reflect existing pending requests – all requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

    • NUMBER OF ROOMS - This question refers to the number of interview rooms or interview schedules you plan to have.

    • LOCATION - If you would like your interviews to take place within the School of Business building, please select “Duques Hall, Suite 560”. If you would like to your interviews to take place in the University Career Center, please select, “Career Center, Suite 207”.

    • INTERVIEW LENGTH - Organizations can select their interview length from 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute time slots.

    • POSITION TYPE - Please select the position type that best matches the opportunity, (full-time, part-time, internship paid, etc.).

    • NOTES - Please enter any notes that may be useful for the Career Services staff to know.  Once your on-campus recruiting date is approved by the Career Center, the recruiting contact will receive a confirmation email. Your recruiting contact will be instructed to proceed with posting the positions for which they are recruiting during on-campus interviews at GW.

    • Positions should be posted at least four weeks prior to the recruiting date.

    • Questions?  Contact

  • Each year, your company may host presentations prior to the start of on-campus interviews. These events drive student interest and increase employer visibility exposing students and alumni to your organization and unique corporate culture. Information Sessions are free of charge and can be easily scheduled through GWork.  Please review our Information Session Guidelines for details about hosting an info session.

    To schedule your company presentations login to GWork and click ‘Request New Information Session” quicklink.

    Questions?  Contact

  • To ensure students have the opportunity to make well‐informed, thoughtful decisions regarding job opportunities, the F. David Fowler Career Center asks that employers give students ample time to consider all offers. We encourage employers to follow NACE guidelines and the following timelines for GW:

    • • Candidates who receive full‐time offers of employment from summer internships should be given until October 30 to accept/decline offers.
    • • Students who receive full-time offers of employment from fall recruiting should be given until November 15 to accept/decline offers.

    • • Students who have interviews after November 15 should be given a minimum of four weeks from the date of the offer to accept/decline.

    • • Students who receive internship offers from fall recruiting should be given four weeks minimum from the date of the offer to accept/decline offer.
    • • Students who receive full-time offers of employment from winter/spring recruiting should be given until March 15 to accept/decline offers.

    • • Students who have interviews after March 15 should be given a minimum of four weeks from the date of the offer to accept/decline.

    • • To receive internship offers from winter/spring recruiting should be given four weeks minimum from the date of the offer to accept/decline offer.

    Job offers for both full-time and internship opportunities should be made through an offer letter sent directly to the student. The F. David Fowler Career Center asks to be notified of offers as well to ensure staff can work with students on adhering to student policies regarding offers and hires.  If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact our Employer Relations team at


    We will work with you to help identify a pool of candidates who most closely match your job criteria. However, employment law and our strong sense of ethics preclude any arbitrary recommendation of one student over another.

  • The George Washington School of Business expects all employers to honor their job offers. In the event that an offer must be withdrawn or changed, the Executive Director of the F. David Fowler Career Center must be contacted immediately. Students are also responsible for honoring the commitments they have made, whether verbally or in writing. If we learn they have not, their access to the Career Center resources and opportunities will be affected.

  • The George Washington University does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, marital status, veteran status, or disability in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its programs and activities. Accordingly, the school makes its facilities available to recruiting organizations whose practices are consistent with this policy.

    • • Pursue only positions in which they have a genuine interest

    • • Respond to all invitations from companies offering them an interview

    • • Participate in all interviews they accept

    • • Be prompt and well prepared for all interviews

    • • Present an accurate account of work experience and education on their resume

    • • Answer all questions from the interviews truthfully

    • • Discontinue the job search immediately after accepting a job offer and notify all other potential employers of their decision