International Programs

A key goal of the Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis is to expand GW’s global reach in real estate while providing our own students with unique opportunities to gain first-hand knowledge of real estate markets and practices. To accomplish this goal, we have established partnerships with universities and global partners.

Our Partners

Technical University of Berlin


Our partnership with the Technical University of Berlin (TUB) began in 2012 and has evolved into an annual exchange program between our universities. GW students taking our Real Estate Development Cases course may opt to travel to Berlin during Spring Break, where they will have an opportunity to visit local real estate projects and companies to learn about the Berlin and German real estate markets. In May of each year, TUB students visit GW for a similar program.

“The trip to Berlin provided me with an experience to learn about a real estate market that I probably would have never learned about in a truly hands on way. On the trip to Berlin, our group met with a variety of real estate professors from the Technical University of Berlin as well as prominent developers, underwriters, architects, and property managers.” – Zachary Sirota, Class of 2014

University of Amsterdam

uvaIn May 2013, GW initiated an exchange program with the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) MBA program for students studying real estate. As with our exchange program with TUB, GW and UvA students visit each other’s country to learn about real estate markets and practices outside their own country. GW students will make their first trip to Amsterdam during Spring Break of 2014.


VIVA Group

vivaThe Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis has also begun a partnership with VIVA Group, a major real estate company based in Mumbai, India. In March, 2013, six students visited Mumbai as a part of the Real Estate Development Cases course to work on a project organized by the company. VIVA Group hosted our students and provided an opportunity to see a major retail project under development from the ground up. GW is in talks with the company and its academic arm, VIVA College to establish an exchange program between the two universities.

“Interaction with the real estate developer was extremely beneficial and unique to the India trip. Other abroad programs do not have a specific client or have a corporate client with disinterested representatives.” – Steven Majich, 2013 MBA

International Memberships

GW’s Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis is an academic member of FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation.

  • FIABCI-USA Scholarship Foundation
    A grant from the FIABCI-USA Scholarship Foundation was used to award prizes for two case studies. The first prize was awarded to a group of GW students for their case study in Berlin, which dealt with the intricacies of redevelopment in a congested and politically sensitive area. The other was awarded to a group of GW students in Mumbai, where the development of a completely new shopping mall was analyzed. The students visited the cities and saw the developments first-hand and interacted with local specialists to better understand the issues and provide project-specific recommendations.